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      1. They keep asking you for sex, and threatens to quite the relationship every time you say no. They’re only lusting after you. There is no condition in love.

      2. They isolate you from your family and friends • He’s the most important person in the world to you (you have no support system other than him)

      3. He/she is verbally, physically and/or emotionally abusive

      4. He/she is very controlling

      5. They humiliates or degrades you (either publicly or privately)•

      6. He/she is extremely jealous.
      7. They’re not trusting or trustworthy.

      8. He/she never encourage you towards achieving your life goals.
      9. They always use these words “I” and “mine”. Instead of “we”, “us” and “ours”.
      10. He/she never appreciate whatever you do. They find it hard to say these Phrase “Thank you” or “Am sorry”. They always put the blames on you, even when they are the cause of the goof.
      11. When they’re good in words but poor when it comes to leading by example.
      12. He is abusive towards drinks.

      13. Unhealthy pattern of argument (beating and calling names).
      14. They’re rude towards their parents or guidance.

      15. He/she always nag.
      16. He/she finds it hard to forgive you, when you offend them and ask for forgiveness.

      17. They spend no quality time with you. Always busy like a phone on call.
      18. You can’t identify any ways you’ve positively influenced each other. For example, you haven’t adopted any of each other’s interests or taught each other any new skills.
      19. They react negatively anytime you ask of their parents, or demand meeting them.
      20. He/she doesn’t make you feel good about your body; they point out your thinning hair or saggy underarm skin. They always compare you to others. They’re not loving you but managing you.
      21. You don’t have a sense of relationship security—you’ve broken up or almost broken up numerous times.

      22. Lack of respect.
      23. You have no space for individual interest.

      24. Your partner involves you in unethical activities, such as lying on official forms you both sign.
      25. Your partner doesn’t seem interested when you experience success, or they belittle your success.
      26. Lack of openness ( Always secretive).

      27. Cohabitation.
      28. You feel lonely when you’re together (Lack of intellectual or emotional intimacy).
      29. You never turn to each other for emotional support. You look to other people first.
      30. Your partner finds the things of God boring.
      These are only a few signs of an unhealthy relationship, but if you recognize any of these signs in your current relationship, know that things ain’t right. Don’t be blinded by singleness, you must learn to see yourself as God sees you. Singleness is not the worse thing in the world. You are a treasure to cherish so don’t allow anyone treat you as anything less.
      And just in case you’re wondering, yes you can be in an unhealthy relationship with someone who claims to be a Christian. So stop making excuses for staying in an unhealthy relationship. Settle for nothing less than God’s best.
      “I am the vine, you are the branches. He who abides in Me, and I in Him, bears much fruit; for without Me you can do nothing.”
      In order to make better choices in your relationships, first focus on developing and growing your relationship with God, then focus on cultivating all the types of relationships in your life.

      Free Uganda

        Angella Vivienne Chebet the wife to SK MBUGA is A Fraud

        SK Mbuga and his wife Angella Vivienne Chebet now turn fugitive as their whereabouts are unknown since the swedish police started investigating them.

        both have reportedly fled from the country and turned off their phones.

        According to a Swedish newspaper, Angella Vivienne Chebet the wife to SK MBUGA faked a Swedish politician, Sten Heinsoo with false promises of love and gold resulting into the fraudulent transfer of 53million kronor (Shs23billion) to her accounts.

        Heinsoo told police that Angella Vivienne Chebet told him her wealthy father in Uganda had died and left behind a large gold mine which was both difficult and costly to transport to Sweden.

        Heinsoo offered to help financially to facilitate the transfer of gold to Sweden and be refunded after selling. He unlawfully used his trustees money with the view that he will pay back after the sales.

        Part of the money, is alleged to be the one SK MBUGA has been splashing in Uganda. The self-styled tycoon SK Mbuga and his wife Angella Vivienne Chebet splashed money on expensive luxury sports cars, their extravagant wedding left many mouth in uganda not zipped but unfortunately, it seems the couple’s luck may be running out.

        close to a year ago, former head of state and county politician Sten Heinsoo, 71, was suspected of gross fraud after disappearing with between 45 and 48 million Krona from the Rank family, owners of a real estate giant Einar Mattsson.

        When confronted by the custodians Heinsoo confessed that the money had disappeared abroad when he tried to help a female friend to transport gold from Uganda to Sweden.

        Preliminary investigations have led the Swedish police to Sulaiman “SK” Mbuga, 34, and his wife Angella Vivienne Chebet, 33.

        Last week, Sten Heinsoo was charged with gross negligence against the principals of trust. Even Chebet – who is a Swedish citizen for a few years – was charged by the Stockholm District Court for several cases of gross fraud against Heinsoo in absentia. “SK” Mbuga has also been dragged into this verdict for probable same reasons suspected of the same crime.

        Two weeks after Sten Heinsoo made the last transfer to the fraud, in November 2016, an extravagant wedding was organized between “SK” Mbuga and Chebet in Kampala.

        Vivienne Chebet immigrated to Sweden from Uganda in 2011 and has been living in the Stockholm area since then. In the first hearing, Sten Heinsoo told us that the two met in the church where they both fellowshiped when Viviane worked as a personal assistant to another person she had brought for prayers. They eventually fell for each other and began a relationship.

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          Before they passed the controversial age limit bill, it is believed that NRM Members of Parliament received 200 million ugx each.And apparently most have started spending it.

          The latest on our political gossip desk is that Judith Babirye  the Buikwe,Musician and senior pastor at “New Life Deliverance Church”, in Makindye Division has bought a manshion worth 1 billion Uganda Shillings

          The apartment block is located in Kyaliwajjala along Lukadde road, behind Vienna College.

          Sources say the gospel singer coughed over Shs 800m for the uncompleted building.

          Free Uganda

            Nothing is more peaceful than dating an exposed girl – as in omuwala akulidde mu bintu ng’alabyeko!

            1. When an exposed girl visits yuwa kazigo and you give her a glass of water, she says, ”Thanks. I love water. It is healthy!”. Naye bali abalala, hooooo! Ayinza n’okufa because when she visits a guy it is when she expects to drink soda, juice, munanansi, wine, milk, beer all at the same time!

            2. An exposed girl bwomuwa amenvu, she’ll be like, ”wow! You eat healthy!” haaaaaaa, naye bali bannafe! Lwakukyalidde lwayagala alye chips, chicken, liver, sausage, chaps, pilau, ebyenda byona at the same time!

            3. Even if you don’t have money for yaka and you light a candle, an exposed girl will be like, ”Wow, you are romantic!”. Naye the other type ajja kunyumiza banne nga bwotalina sente za yaka.

            4. At the end of it all if you walk an exposed girl back home, she will enjoy the walk, tell you stories, walk slowly, aba tayagala nakutuuka waka. Naye bali bannafe kale batama. She will ask you things like, ”so you don’t have a car?” or ”tolina guy wa special gw’ osobola kkubira ssimu nankima?”

            Kale bannange mulonde nga mwegendereza!

            Free Uganda

              Any woman that wants to date a Ugandan man should know this

              ¶ Banyankole Men are too arrogant;
              ¶ Bakiga men are Ignorant but arrogant;
              ¶ Baganda men are great Liars;
              ¶ Basoga men are too difficult and take long to understand,
              ¶ Batooro men are too backward;
              ¶ Acholi men are generous but wife beaters and never introduce you easily to their families;
              ¶ Teso men are loving and honest but drunkards,
              ¶ Lugbara men are so mean,
              ¶ Alur men are lazy,
              ¶ Bagisu men are hypocrites,
              ¶ Langi men are unreliable but good lovers,
              ¶ Banyoro men are like kids you teach them almost everything,
              ¶ Japathola men eat food like there is no tomorow,
              ¶ The Baruli, Banyoli and Bagungu men are those to fear if you fear Witchcraft (they can bewitch you, animals, gardens etc),
              ¶ If you hate sex in the morning don’t marry a Mukonjo, Mwamba or Sabin.
              ¶ Madi men are so talkative so if you want alot of stories just try one.
              ¶ If you want to be confused try a Mugwere or a Kumam,these are just confused like their languages;
              ¶ If you want adventure try a Karamojong you will have no regrets.
              ¶ Samia men are beepers; they can’t sustain a call for 40 seconds….

              Free Uganda

                Yoweri Museveni

                Yoweri Museveni

                No matter how a good or hardworking leader you may be, it is always good to retire when you’re still popular to the public so that you can keep your dignity. The moment you cling to leadership for a very long time, the end may not be desirable.