Today, when you look at the political landscape of Uganda, you’ll realise that politicians have ganged against Ugandans. Gone are the days when politicians were servants of the people and not exploiters and spongers. No more articulating and promoting developmental programs for the people. Instead we have professional parasites masquerading as politicians, that think Uganda owes them entitlement for yapping YES or NO in the parliament of pigs.

Uganda politiciansThat’s exactly what is happening today in Uganda. The helpless Uganda masses are expecting their Freedom to come from heaven or parliamentary democracy. Meanwhile, parasitic politicians have shamelessly turned helpless Ugandans into their personal wealth creation projects.

The Uganda parliament is a collective of politically backward parasites with zero for brains, because they cant stand up as leaders and say that they don’t know! But are programmed by by their godfather, criminal Yoweri Museveni to yapp YES or NO!

Uganda politicians

Uganda politicians

Uganda politiciansWhen it comes to the so called Uganda Opposition and their lackeys, you then realise that their political ideology is based on exploiting vulnerable Ugandans. Their foundation is built on cultism and not a developmental program for Uganda. They’ve even stooped so low to the extent where they’ve turned the Uganda Diaspora into their cash cow without any accountability. It’s the same opposition politicians on the payroll of the oppressive regime, that work with state security operatives into exposing Diaspora activists to danger.

Now you can understand why 98% of the Uganda diaspora no longer participates in phony Activism organised by the mainstream political parties and their lackeys. One wonders why of late, Demonstrations in diaspora are about promoting a parasitic political party and not Uganda?!

The answer is simple. By not putting Uganda at the forefront of any demonstration, it works in favour of the criminal regime, that also happens to be the main sponsor of those self promoting activists you always see wearing red berets and Red clothes. Yes, you guessed it. They’re state operatives/informers, and that’s why they’re always visiting Uganda as VIPs to run their businesses, meet their regime handlers and attend endless parties in a Uganda they claim to be bleeding.

Uganda politicians

Both the opposition and regime politicians will never put Ugandans first, because by nature, they’re careerist parasites. That’s the reason they drive the most expensive cars, own expensive mansions, talk with arrogance, take endless expensive holidays in western capitals and exotic resorts,  for a Slight Ailment they get treated in foreign countries, all their kwashiorkor bodies are history, etc.

Uganda politiciansIts those same lowlifes that trigger the state machinery to brutalise Ugandans through their self-importance, media seeking attention to solicit funding from imperialists.

Uganda politiciansNo one in their right mind of state, can claim to be a liberator of Ugandans, while at the same time fronting and imposing parasites on them. Thus, Ugandans are hostages to a backward parasitic political class with hallmarks of tribalism, ignorance, self-importance, arrogance, anti Uganda, genetically dishonest and corrupt, etc.

Its always better to stand alone with the truth, than in the crowd with liars and traitors.

Uganda politicians


Joram Jojo

Free Uganda