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The life dictator of Uganda, Criminal Yoweri Museveni- will suck like a vampire- from the blood and sweat of hardworking Ugandans, a Trillion shillings, to buy for MPigs bullet-proof escort cars. We have to remember that, those anti-people cars will need to be serviced and fuelled on a daily basis. Thanks to the social media tax. The dictator is now able to rob Ugandans, and waste their money on his hobbies. The MP you voted, is no longer among the people, but has been promoted to a super Pig, miserably detached from Wanainchi. Thus, a red line has been created between the People and Parasites!

Yoweri MuseveniUnlike progressive societies around the world, the Uganda backward life dictator, is allergic to progress in occupied Uganda. Having lost the social media war, the criminal regime has shamelessly decided, to rob Ugandans.

Fellow Compatriots, think of what a Trillion shillings can do in your town…But Wapi, Criminal Yoweri Museveni rather put his parasites before you! However, this should not come as a surprise….because Uganda has no leadership, but a gang of Parasites masquerading as leaders.  That’s why, Criminal Yoweri Museveni has no shame, to call our doctors and teachers traitors, because they stand for Uganda Values- true Ugandans and Patriots, are always brought down by the Rwandan Migrant turned Uganda life dictator.

What’s painful about this endless thuggery by Criminal Yoweri Museveni , is the shameless taxation of children and  the youth to Use Social Media. Now, the youth have to pay Criminal Yoweri Museveni,  their pocket money, to do what other children around the world do for Free and at liberty.Yoweri Museveni

To use a mobile phone to send money to treat your grandmother that is very ill, dictator Museveni’s dirty hand- wants some of it.  For a single mother to pay wages to peasants in the village, criminal Yoweri Museveni’s filthy hand still wants some of it. etc….etc!

The criminal outfit of the NRM(National Resistance Movement), insatiable tendencies-has run down Uganda, and made it broke. The national treasury is in red, and over borrowing has become the national monetary policy.
Just like a robber that breaks into your home, and beats you up for not having beer in the house, Criminal Yoweri Museveni, has defended the social media tax, as a catalyst to middle income status.

Yoweri Museveni
Fellow Compatriots, we all know that, money stolen/taxed from Ugandans, is used to maintain the regime fat cats lifestyle. Its your money that feeds the thieving parasitic waste of space , that’s occupying your country.
When nations are campaigning for internet access to be a Human right, the backward regime, instead wants you to pay for that Human right.
However, Ugandans should be hopeful, as a free internet infrastructure will be flying over Uganda very soon.
Meanwhile, you can access and install this secure open VPN its the best, and when they block it,, let’s know!

The insatiable Parasite called Yoweri Museveni, has to Go and leave Ugandans alone!!!

Joram Jojo

Free Uganda