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The Banyamulenge have a saying that, “Milk can only be white and no other colour”. That’s the exact thing happening to Rwanda National Congress, as it can never look like milk, but a glass of water with spit in it.

The once promising political organisation, has been turned into a fiefdom of Kayumba Nyamwasa and his inner circle of family friends. The leadership of Rwanda National Congress is a bunch of self seekers, only interested in themselves and not Rwandans.
The only true opposition is in Rwanda and not in Diaspora or Congo jungles.

Today, Banyarwanda and Banyamulenge are paying a dear price for the so called RNC smart way…. Its only RNC fat cats that can fail to buy their foot soldiers a tablet of Aspirin on the front-line, but can afford to buy Muhozi Kainerugaba(Dictator Museveni’s Son) a car for his Birthday!

Its high-time Banyarwanda isolated Kayumba Nyamwasa, and Criminal Yoweri Museveni-the two thugs will never bring harmony among Rwandans, but more suffering and loses! Thus, RNC has no Smart way, but more Porn Hub!

Joram Jojo

Free Uganda