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The Rwanda People Salvation Movement(PSM)-Itabaza, has information of a plot, to murder Diane Rwigara and her mother Adelline Rwigara. The plot has been given a go-head by Paul Kagame. The source (protected) has confirmed  to us that, the murder will be carried-out, through a medical procedural routine on the daughter and mother. Already independent medical observers have been denied access to the two prisoners. We’re very concerned of the Rwigara safety in Paul Kagame’s Prisons.


Diane Rwigara

The Rwanda People Salvation Movement(PSM)-Itabaza calls upon, the international community to ask the Rwanda leadership of Paul Kagame. To immediately release, Diane Rwigara, Adelline Rwigara, PSM-Itabaza political prisoners, that continue to languish in Rwanda prisons, on bogus charges. Thus, participating in a political process-through legal means, should not be a crime, but a human right.

The legal system in Rwanda has failed to act as an independent body-to timely expedite justice, and has instead turned into a personal organisation of Paul Kagame. The failure of the Rwanda judiciary, to carry out its duties to this date, is not accidental. As they don’t answer to the people of Rwanda, but Dictator Paul Kagame. The unjustly imprisonment and kidnap of Diane Rwigara, Adelline Rwigara, and members of the People Salvation Movement(PSM)-Itabaza, is a personal vendetta, Dictator Paul Kagame, holds towards the Rwigara family.

Adelline Rwigara

Today, the clumsy evidence being used against the Rwigara family, apart from- Paul Kagame’s Kangaroo court, would not be accepted or stand in any civilised court of law. Its imperative that, the international community uses its influence, to stop the  Planned murder of the Rwigara family, and the unjustly treatment of Rwandans, that have had a horrible experience and are still suffering from a man-made trauma. The rule of law and democracy should be the foundation of Rwanda, and not a one man’s tyrannical entity.

The continued unjustly imprisonment of the Rwigara, does not only affect the family, but over 80% of the Rwandan society. Its the silent whispers in almost every Rwandan homestead. How can such a thing happen and there’s no international out-cry?? But more praises and unconditional love for a man that locks up windows and orphans of the Rwanda genocide on bogus charges. Has the international community accepted that, whoever participates in a democratic process in the governance of Rwanda, should be kidnapped and locked away? The painful questions can even be read in people’s faces.

The Rwanda People Salvation Movement(PSM)-Itabaza, will Continue to Resist the Tyrannical Dictatorship in Rwanda, through peaceful means.

Hakuna Matata

Political Coordinator 



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