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The notorious dictator of Ethiopia, dictator Abiy Ahmed Ali has embarked on a genocide mobilisation trip. The dictator after losing popular support in Ethiopia, has decided to seek help from his fellow criminals in the region. The Uganda and Rwanda dictators have made careers in genocide. Criminal Paul Kagame and Criminal Yoweri Museveni are responsible for mass murder in Uganda, Rwanda, and the Democratic Republic of Congo. According to the UN mapping report, when taken to a competent court, the crimes against humanity in DR Congo, tantamount to a genocide. However, Criminal Paul Kagame and Criminal Yoweri Museveni, have mastered the art of using lobbyists and Public Relations(PR) firms to cleanse their crimes.Abiy Ahmed Ali

The Criminal regime in Ethiopia feels more at home in the company of known criminals- from Turkey, South Sudan, Uganda, to Rwanda, etc.

Abiy Ahmed AliOne of the main reason why the Ethiopian Dictator, Abiy Ahmed Ali has made visits to Rwanda and Uganda, is to solicit for troops. This comes after his presidential Brigade, was humiliated at the battle field by the Tigray Defence Forces (TDF) guerrillas. Abiy Ahmed AliThe presidential Brigade is in disarray, and throwing away their weapons, and abandoning tanks. Some have been caught, disguised as religious monks and vegetable sellers. However, regardless of their disguise, its easy to spot a thug.

Abiy Ahmed AliThe fighting is getting closer to Addis Ababa. The west and central Ethiopia, is now under the control of another guerrilla group, the Oromo Liberation Army(OLA). The Oromo, happens to be the largest ethnic group in Ethiopia, and the Dictator is from the Oromo. But they abandoned him, and made an alliance with Tigray Defence Forces (TDF) for regime change.Abiy Ahmed Ali
Those that don’t  know the background of Dictator Abiy Ahmed Ali; his a Lt Colonel and a specialist in intelligence gathering. During the TPLF regime, he used to head the notorious Secret Service Agency of Ethiopia.

Dictator Abiy Ahmed Ali

Abiy Ahmed Ali

Abiy Ahmed Ali

Abiy Ahmed Ali

Abiy Ahmed Ali

Abiy Ahmed Ali

Abiy Ahmed AliWhat Dictator Abiy Ahmed and Dictator Yoweri Museveni have in Common:

  • Both of them have personalised and used the Military to murder innocent civilians
  • They have boasted to have the most powerful armies in Africa
  • The two dictators this year, have rigged elections 
  • There’s recorded evidence pinning the two dictators for committing crimes against humanity
  • They lockup citizens in ungazetted detention facilities “safe houses”
  • Their regimes are run like personal entities
  • Their parliaments are used as doormats to peddle personal interests
  • Corruption and brutality are their main ideology
  • They both use oppression to maintain a police state
  • They’re both always available for any Tom, Dick and Harry to be hired as puppets 
  • They both use militias to silence dissenting voices
  • They use mass poverty and mass hunger as a political weapon
  • They’re both deluded, that its only them with a vision to rule
  • Their immediate relatives have been appointed to run strategic positions in government
  • They’re both addicted to killing innocent people
  • They both use the terrorism card to manipulate public opinion
  • They both use sycophancy to divide people
  • They both use machete wielding criminals, to sow terror among peasants
  • They have infiltrated their diaspora communities, and are run as an extension of their regimes
  • They both have mastered the art of charming unsuspecting foreigners
  • They both get treated and their relatives in foreign hospitals
  • They both buy their arms from the same arms dealer
  • Both of their regimes are known for bad customer service
  • They use diplomatic missions to cleanse their regimes of crimes against humanity
  • Adventurist wars, have drained their national treasuries
  • Both are fake and wannabe Pan Africanists
  • They both think that they own South Sudan
  • They both spend millions of their Taxpayers monies on foreign lobbyists and propagandists
  • Both are War Criminals

Their sycophants are too drunk on propaganda and delusions, to realise they’re on a sinking ship.

It would be naïve to dismiss their candidature for the International Criminal Court

Joram Jojo

Free Uganda