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The COVID-19 Pandemic, has become a thieving Bonanza for the regime of Criminal Yoweri Museveni and his gang of the Political Class.
The outright thieving of both the COVID-19 Relief Food and the National Treasury, just shows you how heartless and backward the Uganda politicians are.
One can say that, Uganda has a criminal parliament hiding behind the label of Democracy. Thus, Parliamentary democracy in Uganda is about sponsoring a gang of thieves to laugh at you!! No wonder, some lowlife politicians are now using the COVID-19 Pandemic Relief, as a political campaign tool.
Imagine, a patriotic Ugandan student, was able to donate 15,000 shillings from her pocket money, towards the COVID-19 Pandemic Relief. But the selfish, greedy, and backward parliamentarians, in spite of a national emergency, they decided to help themselves on the taxpayers money, without even debating about it.
The Parasitic Political Class, shamelessly passed a 638.2billion(shillings) supplementary budget without even debating about it. Because each Pig had secretly pocked 20 million shillings.COVID-19 PANDEMIC RELIEF
As if that wasn’t enough humiliation of the hardworking Ugandans, they also decided to award criminal Yoweri Museveni’s militia, a bonus of 2.6trillion Shillings.
That’s why we have always despised the Uganda political class, because they’re low life criminals to the bone marrow.
Fellow Compatriots, its very disheartening when well wishers such as; ordinary Ugandans, the European Union, IGAD, the Business Community, the Diaspora Community, etc. Collectively come to the rescue of our people. But the help instead ends up, pampering Spongers.
Just like you, We’re not Shocked that Rebecca Kadaga and the Parasitic Political Class, mugged Ugandans in their most hour of need.
Now, after your outrage, some Parasites have gone on a PR exercise to redeem themselves from their evilness- that they’re ashamed of what their Voodoo goddess, Rebecca Kadaga did. Really?
How comes they never came-out on the same day to disassociate themselves from the evil deed- just like the way, they always bombard us with live events and selfies of their happenings.
So, the COVID-19 Robbery wasn’t worthy to share with Ugandans?? Maybe their gadgets also caught COVID-19 on that day!
It’s time for Ugandans to Understand that their greatest enemy, is the Parasitic political class and COVID-19!
Down with People Power Pigs!
Down with DP pigs!
Down with FDC pigs!
Down with NRM pigs!
Down With JEEMA Pigs
Down with independent Pigs!
Free Uganda
Free Uganda