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The COVID-19 Vaccination exercise in Uganda is discriminatory.
So far, its the Elite class, security services, NRM top shots, and the political class that are being given priority.
The majority of state parasites, have received their full dose. While other Ugandans don’t know when, they’ll receive their first dose.

Meanwhile, ordinary Ugandans have been locked away to die in silence. Vaccination in UgandaThe corrupt regime of criminal Yoweri Museveni, has politicised the vaccination exercise, to the extent were holders of the NRM political party membership, have been promised to be the next category for vaccination, and will also receive COVID money.
Meanwhile, stocks of expired Vaccines are being peddled on black market, and Covid-19 vaccines are being offered for sex….

Without many Ugandans dying on a biblical scale, the NRM criminal outfit will not justify, how they spent the 1 Billion (US) dollars loan from IMF.
Its in the interest of Criminal Yoweri Museveni and his NRM criminal outfit, for Ugandans to suffer and perish… it helps with the African population reduction agenda, being peddled by imperialist forces and their accomplices.

Don’t be surprised, when criminal Yoweri Museveni receives an award for COVID-19 bravery.
To be continued

Free Uganda

Free Uganda