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At last, Afande Karya Bakuli -aka Amama Mbabazi (formerly Known as Afande Karya Sowani) has boarded the NRM Criminal outfit Bus. Yes, sooner than later, this was due to happen for the following reasons:

The Hutu power project in the region, recent suffered a setback when its genocidal militia was decimated in the jungles of DR Congo. Their godfathers in Uganda and Burundi are still paralysed with the humiliation.

The Hutu power trumpets, Faustin Twagiramungu and Philemon Mateke are now behaving like Stray dogs that have lost their bone.
That’s why Faustin Twagiramungu is still wondering why Miss Universe 2019 is a Tutsi???? This’s the toad that wants to be Rwanda Next president….

This’s were Afande Karya Bakuli- aka Amama Mbabazi comes in handy to salvage the remains of Hutu power project. Afande Karya Bakuli is very likely to build a new Hutu power base clandestinely and diplomatically.
Now you can understand why Criminal Yoweri Museveni’s Bum sniffers- that subscribe to genocide ideology are very joyful after photos of the two thugs meeting, were published by regime propaganda outlets.

Don’t be surprised, when Afande Karya Bakuli is named leader of the Uganda delegation to negotiate with Rwanda, on the current peace jokes talks.

Since marrying into the South African statehouse-that’s how he graduated from Afande Karya Sowani to Afande Karya Bakuli, he has acquired several multi million dollar contracts from the corrupt political class. Thus, gaining great influence in south Africa.
That left Criminal Yoweri Museveni with a semi permanent Acute diarrhoea. Now you understand why he has lost so much weight.

Also, the People Power Activism in South Africa can easily be curtailed down using both legal and criminal activities like stage-managed accidents, etc. Yes, its what Afande Karya Bakuli does best!

Lastly, before NRM criminal outfit spends billions of your money buying off Voters in areas like Kanungu, Kinkizi.etc, they need an insurance policy.

We shall continue monitoring all his activities on the African continent.



Joram Jojo

Free Uganda