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The members of the National Resistance Movement Criminal outfit, must have thought that their boss,criminal Yoweri Museveni was a Superman when he would climb the steps running during TV shows and conferences! Not at all.It was all advanced medical science and it still is.
Then he took mild performance enhancement substances which also helped him out with bedroom performance. But these later gave him heart problems, blood clots in his feet and a swollen prostate.

Yoweri Museveni doctors said quit and he said No,put me on something else!

So he has been on synthetic HGH injections which cost up to $4000 a vial. These human growth hormone supplements have mitigated the effects of ageing on him, even improving dementia which had taken a hold of him. They give him energy, reduce further hair loss and thinning, correct voice disorder and make him feel young.That’s why he bragged recently that he would live up to 100 years. The side effects affecting him are painful joints and scaly skin on the hands and feet.
He also visits a dermatologist in Germany for wrinkle removal procedures like chemical peeling to make him look young on the face and neck.

Yoweri Museveni

I don’t know if he’s still taking psycho stimulants that keep him alert and help a lot with concentration and memory, in a way reversing cognitive impairment which had affected him which now seems to be making a dramatic return.

He is now completely dependent on HGH but in reduced dosages as it is causing biological imbalances in his body. The sleeping is mainly a result of drowsiness caused by the chemicals his body has to put up with. Without the supplements his whole body aches and he is almost unable to do anything. Because of age,the dosages he receives have to be administered very carefully by a very capable specialist medical practitioner to avoid what happened to Michael Jackson,hence the regular flights out.

It’s not that he’s special or has super powers. It’s a combination of your money, you the people, and very expensive modern miracle medicinal science. Without these, he would not even be able to speak or walk.

Free Uganda