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      On this day in April (11th) 1979, Kampala fell

      On this day in April (11th) 1979, after 9 scary years of mass murder, torture, disappearances, trickery and betrayals, fear, hopelessness and helplessness including (like today, some giving up and joining in to ‘survive’), Kampala fell – liberated – by a combined forces of Ugandans backed by Tanzanians.

      On that day, like today – as if a dream – David Oyite-Ojok -Africa’s Lion of War – announced (over Radio Uganda) that Idi Amin’s regime had fallen and the country was back….

      For 9 years Amin – backed by Gaddafi – Saudi Arabia (and earlier, Britain & Israel) – had appeared invincible and seemingly never going anywhere after all, except for Libya – his allies – the army he had built was considered the second most powerful in tropical Africa outside then Boer South Africa.

      Looking back and, looking in, while we await the chapter that God delivers with Corvid-19 and, as we look around Uganda and Africa, I am minded that nothing is impossible and certainly, nothing is for ever. Keep hope alive; Uganda is possible, just believe in better. (Ochieno)

      Free Uganda

        Ruhakana Rugunda

        Ruhakana RugundaThis is Dr Ruhakana Rugunda the Prime Minister of the republic of Uganda
        Musa Ecweru Minister of Disaster preparedness and relief.
        Hon Mary Karoro Okrut minister in charge of general duties in the office of the Prime Minister
        These people were responsible for the loss of She. 1.9 Billions because of greed and Negligence.
        These people should also be arrested and investigated for the scandels in the office of the Prime Minister. He’s the head of the office, how come his subordinates approved whatever was bought without his knowledge, did he read through what was written or did he inquire about what was going on when the crisis arose? He should either resign or be arrested for negligence. Let the big fish be caught this time. Where was the minister for relief and disaster preparedness??
        Why arrest Christine Guwatudde Kintu the permanent secretary in the office of the prime Minister and fail to arrest Karoro Okrut the one in charge of General duties??
        Ok let’s leave Okrut alone, then why not Hilary Onek the minister in charge of Disaster preparedness and Relief? These people are supposed to sit together headed by the prime Minister and weave ways on how to keep the citizens safe and healthy in the time of disasters like famine floods, landslides, earthquakes, droughts etc. That’s why the govt took sometime without giving food to the people because they were still drafting means of sustaining the communities that’s their job to provide relief.
        These small guys they arrested don’t sit on their own and divide what to do and approve their decisions as well, banange nabanene mubajjeyo we’re tired of these scandles.
        Only 53 cases of Covid19 and 1.9 Billions is gone just like that!!??? No no no action should be taken. We’re fade up

        Free Uganda

          Add Nabakoba for giving wrong news or information to public, refuting reports that the beans that were supplied by Aponye were not of very poor quality !

          Ecweru was at the stores, showed the beans, which also confirmed what people had reported or noticed about the beans.
          Nabakoba was at another place, a village, dismissing the people’s reports, she was showing just one bag that she says she found one peasant having.

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