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    On this day in April (11th) 1979, Kampala fell

    On this day in April (11th) 1979, after 9 scary years of mass murder, torture, disappearances, trickery and betrayals, fear, hopelessness and helplessness including (like today, some giving up and joining in to ‘survive’), Kampala fell – liberated – by a combined forces of Ugandans backed by Tanzanians.

    On that day, like today – as if a dream – David Oyite-Ojok -Africa’s Lion of War – announced (over Radio Uganda) that Idi Amin’s regime had fallen and the country was back….

    For 9 years Amin – backed by Gaddafi – Saudi Arabia (and earlier, Britain & Israel) – had appeared invincible and seemingly never going anywhere after all, except for Libya – his allies – the army he had built was considered the second most powerful in tropical Africa outside then Boer South Africa.

    Looking back and, looking in, while we await the chapter that God delivers with Corvid-19 and, as we look around Uganda and Africa, I am minded that nothing is impossible and certainly, nothing is for ever. Keep hope alive; Uganda is possible, just believe in better. (Ochieno)