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      Mobile Money AgentsMobile money agents in the Uganda especially urban areas are lately operating in fear following a recent spate of robberies targeting them.

      So far, over five mobile money outlets have been robbed in Kampala metropolitan area, the most recent being on Tuesday in Mukono where unknown people killed a one Rebbecca Namugenyi aged 22.

      Namugenyi was operating in Kapeka village, Nama Sub-county, Mukono District. She was found dead in her rented room.

      Police reports indicate that the killers slit her throat before disappearing with an unspecified amount of money.

      Early this month, security guards attached to Tiger Security Company turned around and robbed their clients, also mobile money agents of Chims limited in Nansana a suburb on the outskirts of Kampala.Mobile Money Agents


      The guards put two employees of the outlet on gunpoint and stole the cash.

      In a breakdown, it was alleged the guards stole MTN cash sales worth 3.9 million shillings, MTN mobile money float worth 4 million shillings, 1.5 million shillings from Centenary agent banking, 240,000 shillings from a Diamond Trust bank agent and two mobile phones.

      After the robbery, the guards abandoned their guns at the crime scene and fled but did not injure their victims.

      Last month, in Zana along Entebbe road, robbers who were riding on unidentified motorcycles shot and killed two women before robbing them money.

      The two victims were identified as Harriet Naluwadde aged 33 and her co- worker a one Moreen, 25 both mobile money operators.

      “It is alleged that five thugs riding on three unidentified motor cycles robbed the victims of unspecified amount of money before shooting them dead. They were shot near their shop as they were heading home. We want to thank the area police (Kirimanyanga police post) for responding in time and the 999 patrol for coordinating the search for the thugs,” said Kampala Metropolitan Police spokesperson Mr Patrick Onyango following the incident

      Despite the ongoing investigations by security agencies into the new spike of robberies, operators of mobile money outlets are leaving in fear as they have become a target to the yet to be identified criminal gang.

      Police spokesperson Fred Enanga while reacting to the raising criminality, advised the operators to always deploy security at their outlets and avoid moving with cash especially at night.

      In many suburbs of Kampala, We have established that most of the mobile money agents both in the city centre and some suburbs have started closing their businesses as early as 7pm to avoid eventualities.

      Free Uganda

        Betty Nambooze Hates the Uganda Youth

        Betty NamboozeYouth in Mukono Municipality, under their umbrella Organisation; Mukono Youth Platform have released a statement, castigating the area Member of Parliament, Betty Nambooze, over the recent remarks she made on social media, alleging torture of one, Doreen Magezi, in Jordan.

        In a statement released to media at Makerere University Guest House on Wednesday, the youth said Nambooze’s remarks tantamount to hate speech against the youth who are struggling to make ends meet, through foreign employment.

        “Hon. Nambooze has failed to distinguish between Trafficking and Streamlined Labor Externalisation. She has fallen flat to distinguish between slavery and Labor externalisation which is now a global business supporting third World economies”, reads the youth statement in part.

        They further accused the Legislature of spreading harmful propaganda and lies. They said its is not the first time Nambooze is reckless with her mouth. “She is a hater and typical liar.

        She has lied to the whole Constituency she represents and comes to Kampala to make noise. In 2017, Hon. Nambooze promised us Jobs of which she has never delivered. The same person promised the youth capital in form of money but she does not pick her phone calls anymore”, the statement further reads.

        The youth say, their legislature has made them became desperate, which is why they decided to take on the decision to be externalised to the Middle East countries.

        “We have never regretted on that decision because now we can ably look after our families, we have built homes, land, educating our children and busy looking for an opportunity to return back. There are very many benefits from this sector which may not be tangible in form of money like skills”, they added.

        The youth are now urging Nambooze to desist from shifting the blame to the privately registered businesses, away from Governments negligence to monitor and ensure that their welfare is enforced as per agreements.

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