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    Besigye and his bandwagon comes up with gimmicks

    These NRA thugs and their collaborators, never stop taking Ugandans for Fools….. Even your beloved Lord Mayor has been to Kyankwanzi before(he looks very smart in NRA uniforms), to be brainwashed…you don’t leave Kyankwanzi without taking an oath to always be loyal to Museveni. Those arrests and comedy you always see on the streets, are part of NRA disciplinary routine….infact, they can easily go to his office/home and stop his movement, because they own him. I love the way your beloved mayor interpreters the if Uganda was a democratic state…

    Whenever Ugandans not in the political class- are almost breaking the dictatorship, Besigye and his bandwagon comes up with gimmicks-those gimmicks are meant to gather Ugandans in one place so they can easily be controlled/crashed. It also creates a fake smoke-screen, that something is going to happen.

    Ugandans cannot swap a dictator for another dictator (Real Democrat leave the floor for new blood). Also, revolutionaries don’t go in-front of the media and start blurbing about plans, hopes….. Lastly, mainstream politicians have never led a popular uprising-uprisings are always organic. So stop fantasising about Besigye leading an uprising, and instead start planning for post-dictator museveni, because his fall is not very far!!!