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    Any woman that wants to date a Ugandan man should know this

    ¶ Banyankole Men are too arrogant;
    ¶ Bakiga men are Ignorant but arrogant;
    ¶ Baganda men are great Liars;
    ¶ Basoga men are too difficult and take long to understand,
    ¶ Batooro men are too backward;
    ¶ Acholi men are generous but wife beaters and never introduce you easily to their families;
    ¶ Teso men are loving and honest but drunkards,
    ¶ Lugbara men are so mean,
    ¶ Alur men are lazy,
    ¶ Bagisu men are hypocrites,
    ¶ Langi men are unreliable but good lovers,
    ¶ Banyoro men are like kids you teach them almost everything,
    ¶ Japathola men eat food like there is no tomorow,
    ¶ The Baruli, Banyoli and Bagungu men are those to fear if you fear Witchcraft (they can bewitch you, animals, gardens etc),
    ¶ If you hate sex in the morning don’t marry a Mukonjo, Mwamba or Sabin.
    ¶ Madi men are so talkative so if you want alot of stories just try one.
    ¶ If you want to be confused try a Mugwere or a Kumam,these are just confused like their languages;
    ¶ If you want adventure try a Karamojong you will have no regrets.
    ¶ Samia men are beepers; they can’t sustain a call for 40 seconds….