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    The Boss of West Nile Today Magazine, has been detained

    Mr Osman Draga , the former deputy news editor of Arua One Fm, the proprietor of West Nile Today Magazine and the founder of West Nile Action Network page has this evening been detained at
    Arua Central Police Station for defaming the woman member of Parliament Hon Rose Ayaka Atima of Maracha District.
    This comes after Draga launched an online media campaign on the MP on his 18000-member West Nile Action Network Facebook page claiming she hasn’t achieved any tangible thing for her constituents since joining the August House in 2016.
    He added salt to the injury by claiming that the legislator nowadays skips public functions where
    the district female youth councillor and the Secretary for Social Services Hon Bako Judith is
    present.Bako has since then declared her intentions to unseat Ayaka from district woman’s hot seat.Her popularity has since been hipped by despite being an NRM, she campaigned against amendment of Article 102b in the constitution of Uganda which led to the two constituency legislators Hon Oguzu Lee (FDC) for Maracha County and Hon Acidri James (NRM) to vote on December 20th, 2017 among the 97 MPs for retention of the only safeguard in all important document.
    Draga will certainly spend the night behind the coolers since his lawyer was held up at Arua High
    Court attending to other legal duties.