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    Bobi Wine's intent for presidency

    Bobi Wine’s intent for presidency, a postponed reality : The perspective of the butambalanian. If all my talents and potentials were to be taken from me and I had my choice of keeping but one, I would unhesitatingly ask to be allowed to keep the power of speaking and writing, for through it, l would quickly recover all the rest.

    It is through this power that I will inform millions despite the critics therefore of. Today my call to the nation is a plea for awareness that Hon kyagulanyi’s intent for presidency is a young pregnancy. Putting your personal feelings aside, he is just ” trying ” to be a modern day opinion leader, to those devoid of hope. Critically speaking, I fail to rank Bob wine in the order of political value, he lacks political soundness and his diagnosis of issues at hand is still wanting.

    In a related development there is likely to be no political party that will take the risk to rally behind the Ganja man. I personally doubt whether Kizza Besigye, Muntu, Lukwago, Nobert Mao and Abed Bwanika , will humble down their intents and support the Ganja man, may be time will tell. Broadly speaking, his rhetorical political situation is not well defined, apart from the rumours on streets of his intent for presidency. Himself his shy about it. Associated, his audience is not clearly demarcated making it so hard to confront his constraints.

    He is too comfortable with the praises of the men in the streets and social media associates as his ” rock of support ” . Seeing is believing, given his past undignified demeanour, he lacks trustworthiness of many Ugandans. For character may almost be called the most effective means of persuasion but his personal template is completely lacking. Lastly his presidential ambition is not a distant threat, but a present danger to Kaguta dynasty and I hardly think that despotic museveni will wait and see it hatch. As I conclude, how I pray that your commentary negotiates emotions and allows for civility in differentials.