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    Ugandans are warned to stay away from the city or Kampala, Ndeeba, Kibuye, Kawempe, Ntinda, Nakulabye, Mengo, Natete and surrounding areas, after dark.

    This is not wolokoso and the wave of killing innocent people by yet unidentified people possibly connected to the police are planning to carry out murders in order to scare the general public of rebel groups operating in Kampala and suburbs. Many people have been attacked as they get home and the intruders wait for one to get to the gate and attack the victim. The government has no capacity to protect the citizens as it was revealed that those that had confessed to murdering people were paraded with the help of the police but no action was taken against them. The country is going through turbulence and do not expect things to get better.

    The police is notorious in arresting and torturing innocent people and some of the victims have lost their lives. The best security around you is yourself as you cannot count on Kayihura. The IGP recently camped in Masaka but only to complain of jiggers attacking him and giving the people that had lost their loved one lecture on hygiene a total disregard of lives lost.

    Those who think that Uganda is safe, your dead bodies would be in streets in the morning. This warning must be taken very seriously as the killings now is going to be centred in Kampala. Get off the streets after 7PM.