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Free Uganda Forums Uganda Police State Increased shootings by cadet police officers in Uganda THE UGANDA'S DEVIL Yoweri Museveni CELEBRATES 32 OF DESTROYING UGANDA

Free Uganda


    32 years of bad leadership, oppression, marginalisation, Nepotism, Sectarianism, Corruption, War Crimes, Genocide, Forced Disappearance, RAPE etc etc . by Yoweri Museveni

    Why would you celebrate a day like that? That’s is not a day for Ugandans, that is YOWERI MUSEVENI and his fake liberation day, a day he set Uganda on trap of his destruction, now Uganda is one of the poorest countries in the world

    In 1972 Uganda’s economy was the same as of south Koreans but now Korean is million times a head of Uganda shame on you YOWERI MUSEVENI

    You are using a metal chain to pull Uganda backwards.

    Inform, educate, empower and inspire your friends, family and relatives.
    We should not go by bandwagon influence of the goons who use States money to intimidate us.

    Since Yoweri Museveni came on power, various parts of Uganda has been suffering from Ebola, poverty, nepotism, war crimes, genocides, massacre, murder, rape etc this is not because the people did want the situation but its because the government has got the poorest leadership skills of corruption, bribery and own self satisfaction of politicians.

    Any politician who joins NRM automatically starts thinking of how to suck his money because, they survive by being stupid. This system has let and will let Uganda behind as long as YOWERI Museveni is on the throne.

    Even the devil celebrates after its mission of destruction same Yoweri Museveni today celebrates his day of destroying Uganda.

    If the Northern Uganda’s underdevelopment is blamed on prolong war then what about the forested areas of Bunyoro, West Nile, and Eastern Uganda which is totally undeveloped, why are they undeveloped, this is because Yoweri Museveni doesn’t care about the welfare of Uganda but how to extend his next seat of power.

    Ugandans wake up.