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    The presidential age limits were removed

    In case you thought NRM had not quite scraped the bottom of the barrel just yet, there are reports that their MPs that said ” no” to life presidency, would be summoned to the party disciplinary committee.We’re pretty sure they are just trolling us at this point — and possibly with Museveni’s consent, considering his penchant for quality comedy.

    In case this is real, then ” what a chimera “, as John Kazoora says in his preface of the book, ” Betrayed by my leader”. Sincerely speaking, how does a representative of the people get to be questioned on how s/ he voted by the party hierarchy. This isn’t only illegal, it’s also wrong at so many levels.

    The presidential age limits were removed, and now its time for Museveni to live with this decision without ” punishing ” those that see life presidency as a danger to our country. The opposition looks weakened at the moment, but things happen in politics when you least expect them.

    As I start reading Mr.Kazoora’s book, first of all, I want to congratulate him for finally finishing his postgraduate studies. He should stop regretting his participation in the Luwero war. Most political leaders aren’t any different from a beautiful woman who promises never to cheat you with any man, only to find her at the back of the car with your driver on top of her, and the legs swinging in the air. Obote had to go, and Uganda will always be better without a dictator( past or present).