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    UGANDA LIBERATEDI swear no one will ever convince me that NRM’s leadership was chosen by God and to me it’s not a guarantee that all leaders are chosen by God. Some are not.

    If I may ask, are rebel leaders also chosen by God? If not by whom? What about the ones who rig elections against the will of the people? Does God encourage election malpractices?

    First of all, killing and stealing are against God’s commandments so that disqualifies rebel leaders and illicit leaders from being God chosen.

    If that is the case, NRM started as a rebel group led by its permanent leader Museveni that killed a lot of human beings for the sake of ruling Ugandans whose relatives they killed. How can we attach such leadership to God? God will never encourage killing people just because they refused you from being their leader. Museveni went to the bush after losing elections meaning people refused him.

    So I will never accept that all leaders are chosen by God. That is the way religion consoles us when things are going out of hand.

    Secondly, on the question of liberation, I refute it without doubt if anyone says we are liberated. We are just wasting money on celebrating a merely dictionary word which is not a reality for the case of Uganda.

    We cannot call it liberation when the so called liberator is deliberating.
    Where is the liberation if silent killing is still on the top news headlines?
    Where is the liberation if police brutality, wantonness and injustices are still on the front pages of the news papers?
    Where is the liberation if the Constitution has bowed down to exempt, exonerate and venerate some individuals contrary to the citizens interest?
    Where is the liberation if public address is only peaceful for the members of the ruling party while the rest, only teargas?
    Where is the liberation if a member of the ruling party can burn a tractor but walks away without any charges?