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    The situation today in Uganda is worse than when Museveni waged a war in 1980. Corruption is at its worst ever in our nation, police brutalities are worse, poverty, road accidents, lawlessness, and militarism are the order of the day. We cannot just keep on watching our nation turned into a military camp and just hope for the best. Calls for an armed struggle to defend the constitution must become louder. Museveni was ready to go to the bushes if one tampered with the constitution and its time we made good on his promise.

    Parliament has been turned into Luweero bushes again. Museveni said he is a rebel in a suit and what he ment by going back to the bushes, the bushes have come to him in parliament. Sad times for our country. We need to use force to defend the constitution.

    Our nation has been under illegal occupation and we can use force to bring our country back to tract. Museveni is on the record numerous times stating that after 75, one couldn’t lead the nation and he was to retire. The way things are going in Uganda today, only those that have force behind their decision making are listened to.

    The nation has spoken overwhelmingly against the age limit amendments and parliament is there to represent people’s interests not one dictator’s interest. This is Museveni I knew in the late 1970s and he has not changed at 75years.

    Calls for an armed struggle is an avoidable because thats the direction NRM regime is forcing those that have no forces behind their decisions into an armed struggle again. Our nation has gone through wars due to greedy politicians. Museveni has been behind all the sufferings Uganda as a nation has gone through and its time to do without him.

    Nathan Span