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    Crimes Against Humanity Committed By NRM

    Crimes Against Humanity Committed By NRM The Crimes Against Humanity Committed By NRM Chairman Rubaga/Boda boda 2010 Chairman Hajji Kitatta And His Militia Group.

    The night of August 3, 2017 will always remain vivid in Desderio Byamukama’s mind.

    It is the day he lost his right hand after he was attacked by Boda Boda 2010 members.

    “At around 9pm, I was attacked by three members of Boda Boda 2010 in Makindye as I returned home and they demanded to know where my stage was before asking that I present my membership card,” a teary Byamukama, a born of Gomba district..

    “When I told them I didn’t have Boda Boda 2010 membership card, they ganged against me.

    According to the 28 year old boda boda rider, a scuffle ensued. His attackers tried to grab his ride while he tried to hold firm, gripping it tightly.

    “Before I could know, I had been cut several times in the head. I then turned to see who was cutting me and in a blink of the eye, I saw someone ready to cut off my head. I lifted my hands to try to stop him but unfortunately the panga got my hand and it was chopped off.”

    Byamukama says he fell to the ground and his attackers took off with his motorcycle thinking he was dead. He later regained consciousness and crawled to safety.

    Byamukama shows off the cuts on his head inflicted by members of Boda Boda 2010. He however narrates that the first person who came to his rescue thought he was a robber.

    “I took time convincing him that my motorcycle had been stolen before he called on other people for help,” he said.

    He says he told that people who gathered around him what had happened and they called police who later rushed him to Mulago hospital.

    At Mulago, he spent more than a month in pain before he was discharged and returned home after he got better.

    Byamukama was among the Century boda boda riders association members who held a press conference on Monday at Ovino Complex to jubilate against Boda boda 2010 alleged downfall.

    Problem is, he could not fully jubilate especially whenever other members clapped their hands.

    Hard knock life

    Byamukama who lives in Lukuli Nanganda in Makindye division says being the eldest in their family back in Gomba, he was always looked up to for assistance in terms of finding school fees for his little brothers.

    This however changed the day he was attacked and he can no longer fend for them.

    “I can no longer work for myself. I live off handouts from friends and neighbours,” he says.

    Byamukama has no simple words for Boda Boda 2010 members led by their jailed patron Abudallah Kitatta whom he says need to be brought to book for terrorising fellow boda boda riders.

    He says he is happy that the leadership of the notorious group has been checked, adding he is ready to testify against his tormentors in courts of law to ensure justice prevails.