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Free Uganda Forums Exposed The Plan to kill Hon. Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine 14 REASONS WHY MUSEVENI IS AN UNQUESTIONABLE DICTATOR-IN-CHIEF

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    *1. Museveni believes he is the only one who is able to lead Uganda with the help of his minions.*

    Dictatorship involves the rule of one person or one small group led by one person.

    *2. Museveni came into power by force as a result of the protracted guerilla war and he sustains his grip on power through force.*

    In a dictatorship, the ruler comes to power and sustains his power either by force or through manipulation.

    *3. Museveni is an arbitrary ruler.*

    A dictator rules by his will. His will is the law which is superimposed over the constitution.

    *4. Museveni is an irresponsible ruler*

    The rule of a dictator is neither transparent nor responsible nor even accountable to the people or to popular institutions.

    *5. Museveni is backed by military power of the State.*

    Usually, dictatorship is the product of militarism, directly or indirectly.

    *6. Museveni’s rule is based on force and violence.*

    Rule by force and domination is the eternal law of dictatorship.

    *7.Museveni acts for the whole nation.*

    The ruler identifies the interests of the people with his own interests and describes his interests as national interests.

    *8. Museveni is an aggressive ‘Nationalist’*

    The ideology of nationalism is used as a means for securing credibility for the interests of the ruler. In the name of the unity and development of the people, the ruler exercises his power for his self interest.

    *9. Museveni’s system leaves no distinction between State and Government.*

    In a dictatorship there is no distinction between state and government.

    *10. Museveni is totally opposed to democracy.*

    Dictatorship as the rule of one person is totally opposed to democracy which stands for the rule of the people.

    *11. Museveni places little or no Importance to people’s rights and freedom.*

    Dictatorship pays little attention to the rights of the people but always places full emphasis upon the duties of the people towards the state. Even simple debating forums, such as, Ugandans At Heart, are looked as a thorn.

    *12. Museveni has been declared a life president for Uganda.*

    In a dictatorship, the ruler exercises power for life or for as much time as he can. The change of ruler-ship is almost always effected by force or a revolution or by a ‘coup’ against the ruler.

    *13. Museveni is one center of power.*

    A dictatorship may have a number of governmental organisations for exercising power but each of such organisations works under the ultimate authority and control of the ruler.

    *14. Museveni relies on force and brutality.*

    The ruler uses war and aggression as the means for diverting the attention of the people away from their domestic problems and preventing them from expressing their wishes.