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    It is totally up sad that our young potato mounds struggling to grow in such a dry season are being attacked a gain by greedy swines more hungry than before. What hurts us they are being led by a foreign greedy hog with a very long snout, very hungry and determined to destroy the young potato veins and the mounds completely down and not ready to leave the garden. Farmers are crying because they are left with no option. Many farmers have attempted to chase it with stones and sticks but it has failed. The hog is very powerful, intelligent and plentiful than them with a lion’s share in favor of it because they run after its golddish dung that gives wealth since they are poor and many support it because they share some resemble ness of a long snout with the hog . We are worried of where we are going to get food and fees in such season and who is going to drive out such a giant greedy hog from our garden. What gives hope to the farmers that the hog is aged and they are just waiting the day for its death . all we just surrender to God to find a solution to this greedy giant hog or else its sad news for our gardens.
    Farmers think twice or else we will be left with an empty garden.