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Free Uganda

    Hello Uganda . my sincere apologies to every one who was hurt by what happened to the constitution of this country on 20/12/2017 which has entered in the history books of the world as the day when the governing book of the nation was trashed in the dust bin of no hope . but I would like to thank every one that didn’t consider this as a victory or loss on either NRM as a party or FDC but as a battle of rescuing this nation . as we all know everything has its own time . time to die time to live . I would think there is time to make and time to destroy time to build and time to cast down . I want to assure you my friends that this is a ‘sad’ time to only those without a hope or a future but let me assure you right now that Africa’s future is guaranteed . our future doesn’t lie in what is happening today around us but what we are doing to shape it the way we want . let’s not mourn for the dead .. Let the the dead burry their dead what is your part in their crying . but let’s gather together now and put our heads together and pave a way towards the betterment of all of Ugandans thus building Africa .
    We must stop running towards the cameras and running to the back stage and plan on what to do . men and women of this great nation I call upon you to come together and we liberate ourselves from any form of blackmail, lies , delusions, mistrusts and blame games
    This is us not them
    This is me and you
    This is our war not their war
    Together we can build Uganda
    God bless you , God bless Africa .