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    Fellow Uganda and Country men, I greet you all in the name if our Lord Jesus Christ. I thank k him for the care good health and protection up-to this day.
    I consider and put into account, the fact that this is a critical moment in our country Uganda, a moment where the nation is divided and torn apart, with others jubilating and others shading tears for their beloveth country Uganda. I have fought with myself to try understand all the two camps for all that they agitated for. Am a true believer in democracy, I believe in the peopls power and the power of the majority. I want to commend the opposition for their sacrifices and all they did within their capacity to try and block the amendments. I thank Hon. Kyagulanyi Sentamu aka H. E Bobi Wine. To me he reflected the ability that is shuttered in the young people. To me his works and zealth portrayed that to a greater extent no considerable change can be effected unless young blood takes hold of politics in Uganda. I thank you Bobi. Within that same spirit I want to thank the Hon. Jonathan Odur for his spirited fight, I thank Hon. Nganda Ssemujju, Theodore, Allan ssewanyana and most importantly I thank my good friend Leader of Opposition Hon. Winnie Kizza. You are a woman of valour who tried so hard to defend your belief and aspirations of your people. I also want to thank ghetto Hon. Raphael Magyezi for your firmness and boldness in either destroying or bettering Uganda, and I want to thank all those who supported the amendment. Regardless of how I judge you all Uganda is already in a course you all decided it to be. It’s just a matter of time before results of your deeds become visible.
    Dear Hon, members of parliament, on an independent perspective I want to bring to light a few things that were worthy your considerations before the voting. The preamble of the very constitution you amended states that the constitution is a result of the reflection on the socio-economic and political history of our country Uganda which is characterized with turmoil and political instability. When consulted majority of Ugandans indeed said no. I believe they said no not because they hate H. E Kaguta Museveni, but because they put Uganda above the president. They envisaged a Uganda with fresh blood and a Uganda under a new generation to propel development. It’s no doubt president museveni did his best to bring about and consolidate development in the country. I honestly believe with due respect President Museveni deserved to have a befitting retirement. I am only saddened that our history will repeat itself and we may not have a personality to reflect on interms of governance. As a country we have failed to develop the culture of constitutionalism. Whereas I agreed 100% with reasons for removal of the age limit I want to believe the timing is wrong. Specifically after majority Ugandans after your consultation said no I really desired to withdraw my support but couldn’t. I bet Hon. Magyezi too wished to pull out the bill Hut just couldn’t. I want us to reflect on our history. President Obote overthrew the independence constitution in 1966,deposed the kabaka and dictated 1967 pigeon hall constitution verhmently forcing members of parliament to accept. This precipitated and blessed a bad culture that saw colonel Idd Amin deposed Obote and overthrew the constitution and he ushered in an era of military decree that destroyed Uganda. The days that followed suit were of turmoil not until when president Museveni took power in1986 and after periods of nationwide consultation promulgated the 1995 constitution which he personally remarked then that was the best constitution and indeed that was true. He promised not to touch it and to rule and relinquish power. For some reasons he extended his stay which could be understandable. In 2005 you members of parliament pushed for amendment removing age limit and you gave mzee a chance again. To me this was enough favour for him. 2017 you have not only removed age limits but also extended your stay in power. I will not blame president Museveni for anything, and if he says he is contesting because the people loves him I agree with him. Uganda’s problem will and is not Museveni. Uganda’s problem is the Members of parliament. No explanation can you give to pin the Museveni factor as behind your decision. No one has the power to force you to support what you don’t believe in. Amonding did not support and she is not dead. The problem with Uganda’s MPs are character and affluence. I can’t say Museveni is drunk with power, it’s the MPs obsessed with the desire to be favoured and rise big with power. All socio-economic and political problems of Uganda are because of the so called Manners of parliament. In what you all did on 20th Dec, 2017 history will harshly judge you. If you represented the true aspirations of your people(which you didn’t) then so be it. Sooner or later public reactions will show. I want to let you all be aware that a possible reign of terror awaits Uganda. Don’t be surprised when unnecessary disappearances begin, for it’s widely expected.
    To fellow youth and Ugandans, in my humble opinion let’s do all we can to emancipate ourselves. It’s time we reflect on the things that matter the most to us. It’s time we shift focus from the political hullabaloo and shift track to microfinance and entrepreneurship. We can not be able to win the so called tormentors unless we are financially stable. The power that be continues to dominate and rule over you, these MPs continues to deceive and manipulate you because you are poor and desires political favor from them. Let’s shift track to agriculture,innovativeness and microfinance development to facilitate the struggle for governance and democratic ideology. We can do better once we are able to ensure independent sustainability.
    It’s not only with the Uganda government but everywhere that megalamoniacism is the order of every government. Thats why civilized democracy are able to facilitate change because of their economic vibrancy. Many seems to mistake this, Identify myself with the government and work in their interest as far as development and good governance is concerned. I do not and will never tolerate things that aren’t in the interest of the people to whom power dwells. Let’s work together for a common good.
    We build Uganda for the future

    Daniel Obal