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Kampala High Court has remanded to Luzira, Indian businessman Abid Alam who was days ago arrested over land wrangles which left a trail of property destruction, loss of life, and other heinous acts against residents in Kassanda district.

Tycoon Alam together with his workers is accused among others of attempted murder, murder, gang rape and destruction of property.Abid Alam

He was today remanded along with four senior police officers from the region, who are said to have helped him and his workers to make the attacks on residents with who they are fighting for land.

The officers are also accused of leaking police files regarding cases filed by residents against the tycoon to him, and also sitting on these cases, while expediting those that he filed against the locals.

The court charged these with conspiracy to defeat the course of justice and unlawful release of confidential information regarding a case file to a suspect respectively.

The State House Anti-Corruption Unit which arrested Alam and the four police officers said today that investigations into the other charges of attempted murder, aggravated torture, gang rape and malicious damage to property are still ongoing.

They have been remanded to Kitalya prison until May 8th.

Abid Alam has long standing disagreements with some residents of Bukompe Village, Nalutuntu sub county in Kassanda who are protesting his claim on the disputed land.Abid Alam

Lt. Col. Nakalema the head of the State House Anti Corruption Unit says while the tycoon has 27 cases files accusing him of various atrocities in Mubende.

“What attracted my attention is what happened on Saturday night at a village called Bukompe in Kassanda. Such evil acts including gang rape and attempted murder are not acceptable in this country. When I received this information, I called Mr. Abid Alam to ask him to record a statement,” Lt. Col. Nakalema said.Abid Alam

Early this month armed men attacked a home of one of the residents cut down a banana plantation, looted everything they could lay their hands on, demolished houses, stole cows and goats and beat up the home family.

A woman was also gang-raped before the men escaped.

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