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    Amending the constitution especially article 102b is not a fight between the opposition and NRM. It is a betrayal between the President and Ugandans. Why hurry to change the constitution right now?

    It is easy to talk like Frank Tumwebaze when you have never experienced hardship through his life. He has been spoon fed from childhood and does not know the price of not having medicine in hospitals nor lacking a good school. Of course opposition have no numbers and money to defeat NRM in parliament. But do not betray the nation through amending article 102b. This matter is not between NRM and the opposition. It is between Ugandans and the President. NRM will not be forgiven for weakening the constitution because it has more MPs in parliament. This will not benefit the country as Frank Tumwebaze puts it. It will continue to give more leverage to some people in government who are happy to squander the public purse by giving themselves more time to destroy the country.

    Worse, it seems to me that the constitution has not been benefiting most Ugandans. If General Otafire threatens to go back to the bush if Ugandans refuse to allow him amend the constitution, it clearly shows that their are some people in government who want to muzzle Ugandans through oppressive means at all costs even by using an armed struggle. It paints a very bleak picture for future generations and wipes away the notion of those who claim the title of “Freedom Fighters” when the same freedom is denied to people the “Freedom Fighters” fought for.


    Frank Tumwebaze lists the projects the government has been building for over 30 years. He forgets to mention the scandals and huge lose of money through fraudulent acts by government officials or government linked contractors. These are the projects he mentioned:-

    1 Roads
    2. Railways.
    3. Dams.

    I would argue all Ugandans to do research on the above projects on how much money Ugandans have lost through scrupulous government officials and contractors. The country can’t be taken for a ride anymore by some people in government benefiting from looting government resources at the expense of ordinary Ugandans.

    I would like to tell government officials that millions of NRM supporters and voters including me are against the process that has been undertaken to change this bill and the extension of parliamentary term from 5 – 7 years. It is a reckless act with a lot of arrogance perpetuated by some NRM officials without even consulting their constituency members like Mityana MP who boasted that NRM is better than the people who gave him a mandate to represent them. A political party can’t be better nor above it’s members and supporters.

    This issue will not end tonight especially if it is passed. It will cause a lot uncertainty and grieve among most citizens. There is nothing more troubling than when citizens are not listened to by their government. Remember 1980. Never use majority as an oppressive tool. Ask British Prime Minister Theresa May who is just hanging on for taking voters for granted.

    We will not be part of the acts that muzzle Ugandans by scrupulous leaders. This issue and many others may lead to an exodus of members and supporters to find an alternative political path to NRM as a right to express themselves freely and help unite the country.

    David Wangusi Masinde
    London United Kingdom
    Entebbe Uganda