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Free Uganda

    reject Museveni's military dictatorship

    The urgent need to increase everyday forms of resistance is on for those of us who reject Museveni’s military dictatorship. His intentional meddling with the constitution using corrupted legislators and intimidation by armed forces inside our parliament was clear for all and sundry. Lifting presidential age limits in order to favour his life presidency was synchronised with extension of the term limits from five to seven years. The blatant abuse of power to entrench his autocratic system of tyranny was in full view of observers. The throbbing phallus that repeatedly abuses Mother Uganda stands exposed before all of us.

    Rather than fold our tools of resistance, now is the time for all of us opposed to the raping regime to summon our reserves of strength and double up our efforts. Rather than wither with despair, now is the time to engage higher gears of our contestation against all forms of bad governance. Considering that the enemy has elongated his years of gang-raping our country, we must make it extremely difficult for abuse of state power to just happen. Starting last night, we must resist harder. Rather than quietly bending over, spreading our legs and yielding to this regime’s raping, we shall scream louder, scratch deadlier, kick harder, punch uglier, even pepper our vaginas, and variously wound Museveni’s phallus of abuse.

    Uganda belongs to all of us who choose Ugandaness. Nobody should be allowed to make us ashamed of our country. Nobody should get away with misruling Ugandans in our homeland. Since they choose to force themselves on us, we must make them accountable to us for everything they do. “Kabwa kabbi kagumya mugongo,” the Baganda say. Last night they stole our will from us again, they had better strengthen their backs upon which our civil acts of resistance will fall. Every act of rape will wound that Musevenic phallus and the entire body of dictators until we collapse the rapist regime.