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Free Uganda

    Reaping what we sow!

    It’s crystal clear on 20/12/2017. Mps acted against our wishes.

    I take cognisance that whereas ours(Mp, Rukiga County, Rukiga District ) stayed at large during consultation meetings , he got the courage to go and vote a YES.

    It’s unfortunate. We stood and watched in dismay….

    It’s NOT the BEST our Mps did to us.

    We were keenly observant. Thank God, it was done in broad day.

    What you showed us is what you believe in. But, you acted against what the nationals believe in.

    We were not surprised. You dumped our country where you want it to be.

    We shall raise up and redeem our country.

    We are not the weakest. We did let you do what was within your mandate.

    You will want to do to us what we sent you for when it is too late.

    You earned your master a Christmas gift. Believe me or not, you lost our trust.

    We are acting our own way.
    For those who bore the courage to vote for a NO, we do NOT have much we can bequeath to you.

    All we know is, you became HEROES to our nation.

    Merry Christmas and a blessed New year.
    Thank you,
    K.A Darius