Free Uganda is a Political Organisation with a Socialist ideology. We are not Marxist, Leninist or Maoist, but progressive Africans, that believes in a true market economy that has no barriers of entry and a progressive society with an inclusive social system for all.

Its only Free Uganda that has a clear political ideology, that of leftists politics. Our political activism has no borders, and our work goes beyond Uganda. Our main objective remains the total Liberation of Uganda from the National Resistance movement dictatorship, and all political clowns misleading Ugandans, that they represent the opposition politics.

The social system under the current regime, has been tailored to benefit only two groups of people, mainly the Dictatorship inner circle and cronies

We want a true market economy with proper competition and free entry into that market. However, the capitalistic model in Uganda is a parasitic-monopoly run by 2 percent of the entire Ugandan Population. Thus, its an empty capitalistic fantasy and that’s why the majority of Ugandans are living in abject poverty. What we have in Uganda is more of a mafioso economic model built to benefit a few people that belongs to a clique of thieves.