The Wife to the Uganda dictator Yoweri Museveni and Minister of Education and Sports, Janet Kataaha Museveni has imposed a travel embargo on Makerere University staff.
If the dictator and his bitch think they can rule over us and do what which they please to Ugandans, they are very wrong.

 Janet Kataaha Museveni

The dictator’s wife sent out the directive to the university officials, barring them from travelling within and out the country, and also asked them to hand in all University property, including cars and ordered to vacate university halls.

The dictator’s bitch wrote to Dr. Charles Wanna Etyem, the Chairperson of Makerere University Council about the stern directive.

According to the said letter, the bitch stressed that in addition to what the university council passed in their recent seating, in implementation of the presidential directive to indefinably close the university; the staff members must desist from making official inland and foreign travels.

It was still unclear, whether or not the dictator wife’s directive was a blanket one or covered a specific number of staffers at the country’s largest education institution.

academic qualifications

The Ministry officials have since expressed ignorance about the said letter.

When a dangerous dictator actively pursues to harm his own people, it is equally evil to not resist.
Just like in Romania under the rule of dictator Nicolae Ceausescu, when He demanded that his, nearly illiterate, wife be made part of the Academy of Sciences and the Institute of Chemistry, and all scientists in Romania had to include her name in their research. We see a similarity in Uganda today. But the two scum bugs were later to be executed like homeless stray dogs.

How about Francisco Macias Nguema dictator of Equatorial Guinea that closed down hospitals in favor of his Witch Doctor Ancestry. He banned the word “intellectual” and banned fishing. He changed the national motto to “There is no other God than Macias Nguema.“ He killed the head of the national bank and hid all the money of the National Treasury in his house. His reign of terror and insanity was finally over when he was executed by firing squad 101 times.

All dictators end the same way and its not if but how, that ending will happen.