Uganda people’s Congress President,Jimmy Akena who also doubles as Lira Municipality MP was sworn in as the Uganda People’s Congress party president on July 1, 2015.

“UPC’s failure to capture power in the last three decades has been a result of lack of good leadership to build the party right from the grassroots level.

“There is an assumption that Akena refused to work with Dr. [Olara] Otunnu [current party president], but the reality is that I disagreed with Otunnu on how to move the party. There is no way we can get to State House without the structures on the ground.”

Admins View:
The Uganda People’s Congress is a political Party that needs to move on and put the bad leadership of Olara Ottunu in the dustbin of incompetence-the Party is not a property of Olara Otunnu but a People’s Party.
The serial destruction of Uganda People’s congress by Olara Otunnu seems to be an illness that requires psychological help.