A group of armed men killed 14 people Saturday, January 31 at a nightclub in the city of Aru in Ituri (Eastern Province). Witnesses report that attackers came from neighboring Uganda, also injured more than 15 people. Those killed include two women and an official of MONUSCO Indian nationality. Political and local administrative authorities convened on Sunday in Aru local security meeting to identify the assailants.

Local sources indicate that it is after 22 hours (local time) that the armed commando has arisen Dancing club Bandal Aru, located within the grounds of the Hotel Digital.
The attackers then opened fire on customers who celebrated the victory of the Leopards of the DRC face the Red Devils of Congo – Brazzaville and the anniversary of the lady of the night club.
The woman who was celebrating her birthday and another woman and 12 men including two FARDC soldiers, a police officer, a UN volunteer of Indian nationality, died.
Most of the injured are being treated at the General Hospital of Aru reference and Protestant Anya Hospital. Among the injured are a woman who has lost an eye.
A delegation of MONUSCO from Bunia arrived in Aru Sunday in the morning to be aware of circumstances that led to this tragedy.
The administrator of the territory Henry Coming Nkosi says he called an emergency security meeting to identify the killers. Several local sources claim that they would have come from neighboring Uganda and would be returned there after the attack. The city is Aru border to Uganda Arua town located 300 km north of Bunia