Its always a good thing to have genuine investors invest in Uganda, bu not till dictator Yoweri Museveni has left power. The reason why we at Free Uganda think so, is due to the current political environment in Uganda as is not stable. The country called Uganda is under a full dictatorship worse than that of previous dictators. Anyone investing today in Uganda, will be investing in the dictator and not Ugandans.

According to our Free Uganda historian, the last 30 years have seen Uganda as a nation disintegrate-there’s too much animosity between various tribes, and Ugandans have come to see the would be investors as land grabbers and funders of the oppressive system.

oppressive system

Investing in a War criminal does not Pay

Bad Investment in Uganda

Today we see Dictator Yoweri Museveni in France saying the same things he has been saying for the last thirty years to many crooks from different countries.

That Uganda is a good investment destination, “with all ingredients to promote trade including markets and infrastructure.

This is a big lie as Uganda infrastructure has fallen into pieces and rotting away due to mismanagement and chronic corruption.

“Uganda and Africa’s population is increasing and with it, it’s purchasing power. Our demand is backed by ability to pay. Investors in Uganda have a market of 40 million people, 160 million at EAC level and
700 million at COMESA,”

Free Uganda can assure the would be investors that Yoweri Museveni has been responsible at reducing the African population through aggression wars-see Rwanda, Zaire(DRC), Sudan, Central Africa, etc The Ugandan population (90%) has no purchasing power.

“Uganda has sorted out roads, electricity and now working on the railway. We also have a highly educated workforce. Uganda is blessed with natural resources. We have raw materials for agriculture, livestock, forests and minerals.”

The roads in Uganda are the worst in Africa, and the railway system is in a very sorry state.
The issue of electricity is very laughable, under Yoweri Museveni electricity is a big problem-maybe the investors will have to bring their own electricity.
The raw materials the dictator is talking about are in disputed land…..the livestock belongs to him and his cronies.

The advice Free Uganda would like to offer to would be investors, is to keep away from Uganda as they’ll be throwing away their grand children and their children investment in a toilet, that is to be flushed down any time.
The Uganda populace is pissed off with dictator Yoweri Museveni and his reign of terror on the Ugandan population since 1980 to present day is the talk of town, and everyone wants him gone or dead.

Now you might think that we are just anti Museveni group that are just saying things-three days later while meeting a team from Polaris Capital Power led by its President Steve Gilchrist and a Director Feizhen Lu. Polaris Infrastructure is a Toronto-based company.

Uganda urgently needs affordable renewable energy to ensure access to all, especially for rural communities,

Dictator Museveni said.

“Uganda urgently needs renewable energy. We have been talking about having a plant operational in all the major towns. We shall look at all options including direct investments and through bidding for this to happen,”

he said.

Now, is that a safe environment for Investment??