The message I am posting will be in 3 parts, because I wanted to point out several issues facing our country. I want us to start a serious meaningful mature debate about the future of our country
Amama Mbabazi

Amama Mbabazi

For the record, I am not a politician, I have never been one and I will never be one, I am not affiliated to any political party or any politician or any public figure. I am just an ordinary Ugandan who wants the best for Uganda

I would welcome constructive comments, if you have nothing meaningful to say or contribute please don’t comment. This is a mature debate, we are facing challenging times as a country, which require serious people, make contributions, constructive comments and criticisms. In your replies, please use properly spelt English or any other languages you feel comfortable with.

By Ben Byekwaso




For those of you who are jumping at JPAM band wagon for presidency, please note the following;

Mbabazi does not qualify to rule Uganda because;

JPAM and M7 have presided over the government for almost 3 decades with many financial scandals with almost impunity to the people involved. He is not credible, and not fit for purpose to be Ugandan president.

He was at the centre of the government which changed the constitution, when they removed the term limit, to benefit his crony M7. Big mistake.

His involvement in Temangalo land saga which was blatant corruption with inflated prices(even though the court found him not guilty) Of course it had to find him not guilty because he was the PM and M7 defended him.

He was part of the government which squandered(squandering/back hands) $740m to buy 2nd hand fighter jets from Russia in 2010/11 on pretext that Uganda needed these jets to protect oil(really???). That money would have been put to better programmes which benefited all Ugandans.

You cannot first fall out with your leader and then start seeing what is wrong with him. For me personally that is hypocrisy of highest order. He is no different of what he will do as President in government from M7

He has been at the centre of the government for a long period of time which has deliberately or incompetently killed almost all the institutions which are very critical at the functioning of any government eg; the Police is completely rotten and very ineffective in every department. The judicial system, the parliament, local governments. If M7 does not get involved almost nothing is being done, thank God at least they got KCCA and URA right so far. To put is frankly he(JPAM) is as tired as the person is challenging. They have ruled and treated Uganda as their personal property

He has been at the centre of almost all high profile programmes which have failed because of corruption, such as the Global fund, NAADS, bonna baggaggawale etc. I can go on and on

He cannot now turn around and act to be different. I find it laughable that many people are jumping on the band wagon of JPAM presidency. He is the same man who has been seeing what was going on acting like everything was alright. Not credible at all. If we Ugandans can be easily fooled like that, God help us we shall continue going in circles…

wait for part 2 tomorrow