The Uganda Information minister Frank Tumwebaze, seems not to understand what it takes to make a country an attractive destination for tourists. In his latest whining, he seems to be blaming the Uganda foreign missions for not promoting Uganda.

A country's cuisine can make it or break it

A country’s cuisine can make it or break it

The reason to why the Uganda image has been tainted by harmful propaganda can be found in the leadership of the ruling political party, the National Resistance Movement. Its on record the Uganda dictator, Yoweri Museveni putting down Ugandans, and calling them uncivilised names. The NRM regime has even gone full length by promoting an anti-Ugandan film called the Last King of Scotland. The viewers of that film, did no only indulge themselves in the story-line, but also took a closer look at the props and locations it was filmed in, as they don’t represent Uganda as a progressive country, but a full grown banana Republic.

Then the Government for 30 years has used insurgency especially in Northern Uganda as a life-line to justified its human rights abuses and incompetence. We all saw how the Joseph Kony propaganda film backfired on the the film makers credibility and the the regime of Yoweri Museveni as war mongers.

How can tourists be attracted to such a country??
The problem of Uganda lagging behind in the Travel and Tourism Industries, should not be faulted or tasked to representatives in missions abroad, as Frank Tumwebaze wants us to believe, but at home. Its known to most Ugandans in diaspora that the customer service at Uganda foreign missions is among the worst in the world.

The customer service on offer by Uganda tourism is a joke

The customer service in Uganda is the biggest problem, as all sectors are a disgrace. The front desks at all Uganda public and private services are appalling and  pathetic; the rude, lazy, unprofessional, backwards, and corrupt mentality is the main expertise on offer. This has been going on for years and is not about to change very soon.

Uganda bad customer service is very bad

Uganda bad customer service is very bad

However great the country’s beauty is, its how the customers are treated that matter the most. No glossy catalogue or website can replace that fact. Sometimes back, the regime spent $(US) 500.000 on an advert (Uganda is gifted by nature) with CNN, to promote Uganda as a tourist destination. The beneficially was CNN that went to the bank laughing at the Uganda tax payers.
So, Frank Tumwebaze should blame the bush mentality that has been planted among Ugandans by his political organisation and not the foreign missions, as charity begins at home and not abroad.

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