This October 8th is celebrated once again the Day of the Heroic Guerrilla, a tribute to the world democratic and revolutionary movement pays tax to the memory of Ernesto Guevara de la Serna, known worldwide as Che Guevara. His capture in Bolivia on this date 1967 and subsequent murder the next morning still shaking much of the inhabitants of the five continents, who see it as a universal symbol of the struggle against injustice, exploitation, hunger and backwardness of the people.
 the struggle against injustice, exploitation, hunger and backwardness of the people

Few contemporary characters have been the subject of so much human and political curiosity, the wealth of biographical and historical research, the Sea of inquiries about their economic, social and political, of deep reflections about his ethical stance thinking. Che has come increasingly large and recognized each. For his altruism out of any discussion, for their unconditional support to all peoples of the world love, for his enormous and sharp ideological, political and cultural training, the consequence between what he thought and always did, by the firmness of his convictions, by his decision to give his life for his ideas.

Restless and liberal in his youth, inveterate and precocious author literary, medical vocation, eager to know the world directly, unhappy with the painful situation of inequality and injustice throughout the continent, Che traveller, scholar Che Marxism in Guatemala reader Che fugitive in Mexico, contact Fidel, Raul and other Cuban dreamers who are ready for an armed insurrection in his country, and soon will be the Commander Guevara, head of the guerilla column that will take over Santa Clara and will come after Havana hawking victorious socialist revolution.

Managing state bank, industry minister, military chief facing imperialist aggression, volunteer worker machete in hand, teacher, prolific writer, diplomat and spokesman for the Cuban revolution in various global forums, husband and father exemplary and loving family, student of economic and theoretical sciences guerilla warfare, Che continues its star internationalist fighter, he leaves everything and travels to the Congo and then Bolivia, always driven to build the socialist revolution to end the greedy and brutal capitalism, and open the door to a world of equality and justice for humans.

His inspiring example will continue to encourage the youth of all succeeding generations, because Che remains forever young, always fresh, always clean, showing everyone that life can be more beautiful and great when self-interest is left behind and cause hugs of peoples for a better future. Its armed struggle will remain a model for all those who aspire to end the mindless violence of the ruling classes against dissent and protest of those who suffer poverty and abandonment. Their decisions were for his time and context and therefore could never be different.

The FARC-EP, today more than ever engaged in the conquest of peace with social justice for Colombia, we want to join deserved recognition today that all peoples of the world do Che Guevara. We know the admiration and defense did in life of our founder commander Manuel Marulanda Velez, the recognition of the justice of the flag raising in Colombia and its fraternal message of victory. We know the cult that the people and the Cuban State profess his personality and work, the affection with which the pioneers children aspire to imitate him in tomorrow. Che lives, smiling, fighting, talking about peace and social justice, the fight inviting, inspiring a new dawn.