This is a continuation from designing a Tanzania Multimedia production set-this set when in full production,it will feature an advanced video-music and film production studio for Tanzanian Artists. Though, this is not the finished product, but  its a good idea to show-case the idea..see it as a raw multimedia sketch.


This set will have clubs,stadium,cafe,hospital,market,game park,beach,school,homes,etc

I think having a bus stop in the production will come very handy when writing stories-scripts,as it makes sense to have a journey in a multimedia production. The set will feature mainly Mtwara,Lindi, Dar es Salaam and Zanzibar because these are the places I know well. However, the Production is Tanzanian and for Tanzania.



Maybe people might be wondering why I’m using the term Sharobaro Report? The script-story is based on Rags to Riches dreamers.

The one thing I’ve observed with Tanzania, is the raw talent in abundance. I could say many Tanzanians are very artistic in different ways.

However, that talent is not being supported by the state as a resource for the nation.

This is causing a culture of confusion and loss among the youth-thus, everyone wants to be a Sharobaro(American wannabe)

Maybe some people have a different definition of a Sharobaro :

A Sharobaro, is a young man who heavily relies on their mother or their girlfriend or even possibly their grandmother. A sharobaro also dresses in westernised clothes and is obsessed with Western culture …he does not work and cares far too much about his appearance and is quite feminine too. Khadija Kopa

Big up to all Sharobaros that have a dream to make it big…

Time to go back in the studio and do some dark designs-Ehh,don’t forget to give me a big-up on Pride FM, Mtwara!