Statement of Chief of Staff of the Armed Forces of Burkina Faso
Given the need to preserve the country from chaos to ensure unity and national cohesion
Considering the ongoing consultations with resource persons.
The Chief of Defence Staff of Burkina Faso informs the people, national and international opinion the following:
1. The National Assembly is dissolved
2. The Government is dissolved
3. A transitional government will be set up in consultation with all the forces of the nation to prepare the conditions for a return to constitutional order within a period of 12 months later
4. A curfew is in place throughout the national territory for from this day from 19h to 6h in order to preserve the safety of persons and property
The Chief of Staff of the Armed present his condolences to the families of victilmes and launches u call for calm and restraint in al the entire population of the cities and countryside of Burkina Faso and invite them to attend to their occupations in peace and serenity.
Ouagadougou October 30, 2014, 
Major General Honore Traore Nabéré 
National Commander of the Order.