Its always known by most designers, that great design are adapted from something that is already in existence-you need to look at something for solutions and inspiration.

In order to construct a holiday Island for a virtual Reality experience, I had to travel into reality to get some ideas. I know this writing might be boring to some, but eeh…, to make things fun, I have to dream big.


The travel and tourism industry of the future, will need Virtual Reality Holiday Islands to complement their existing tourist packages.


The problem today that most African countries have failed to understand, is what to offer tourism-its not always about what to see, but what activities to do. Today most advanced tourist industries make more money in activities than tourist sites. Its all about understanding the needs of the modern tourist-they go on holiday to mostly have fun and not see things.

The African youth is more confident than before-any artist should be able to enjoy unstaged installation.The summer has come and gone depending on your location. Its always good to get away from the studio and work and go somewhere far….

The best holidays are the ones not advertised in holiday packages organised by travel agencies. The African holiday, travel industry is still dominated by a uniformity mentality.





















































































































This holiday will be incorporated in an Island virtual reality environment. Its an experimental project  with a big surprise when finished:

The virtual Reality Environment







This Virtual Reality, VR environment has other 2 parts that I have intentionally left out as a surprise.

Joram Jojo