Communiqué x conference of the farc-EP

Guerilla Conference

1. X Conference of the farc-EP have concluded their deliberations with a part of victory for peace in Colombia.
2. Report to the country, to the governments and peoples of the world, that the guerrillas and guerilla delegates to the conference, have given their unanimous support to the final agreement of Havana, reaffirming the internal cohesion that has characterised the farc-EP In its trajectory rebel.
3. The Guerilla Conference has reiterated their confidence in the central chiefs and its secretariat, stressing that rightly has resulted in the process of reconciliation, and determines the enlargement of that instance to 61 members, for which it has prepared to perform in The next few months a plenary session, which also will take care of the political tasks coming.
4. to the brother and sister who made part of the first front, the conference they tell them that the farc-EP, in the process of conversion to legal political movement, it has its doors open to pick them up again, as members of the same family.
5. Congratulations to the media for its extraordinary coverage of the day to day, of the progress of the x conference their work of high professional qualities that made it possible that the country was informed in a timely manner.
6. the reconciliation of the country leaves no winners or losers; Colombia has won and has won the continent. May we all embrace the peace.
7. The closing of the conference will take place at 5 in the afternoon in the square of events of the diamond.