Dear Pope Francisco

From the jungle of Colombia, we bring to the Pope – brother of the poor, missionary of peace and harmony-; the Pope who loves and provides custody to creation, the greetings of thousands of guerrilla fighters of the FARC, who are waging today in Havana the most beautiful of battles that can be carried out by a combatant: the battle of peace for an entire people.

Although some perceive us as dreamers, or too optimistic, we believe, or rather, we have faith, Your Holiness, that we are getting closer to Colombia’s reconciliation, after six sad decades of armed conflict. Indeed: “We have no right to fail again on this path of peace and reconciliation.”

We have powerful reasons to be hopeful. After the adoption of three partial agreements on comprehensive rural reform, expansion of democracy, and solution to the problem of the illicit use of drugs, we are close to agreeing a special jurisdiction for peace.

What has been agreed will undoubtedly accelerate the understanding at the Conversation Table, on issues such as Cease of Fire and Hostilities, dismantling of paramilitarism, the abandonment of weapons, and the transformation of the FARC in legal political movement. We want to speed up the march towards a New Colombia without exclusion or inequality, where human beings can live in dignity.

TRUTH is the central element of the special jurisdiction for peace; truth in the sense of Jesus’ preaching – the one that will free us – and the truth that heals the wounds of the victims of the conflict and the whole society, in the context of a restorative conception of forgiveness and coexistence.

We don’t want future generations to suffer again what we have gone through: No more violent dispossession of peasant’s lands, no more forced displacement, or ovens, or chainsaw dismemberment of living people by paramilitaries. Never again the extermination of a political force, or the assassination of leaders of social movements, or dehumanizing economic policies, no more persecution or exile … Peace and reconciliation for the Colombian family.

Forgiveness is above the law of retaliation, above the feeling of revenge that clouds reason; it must be the basis of coexistence and the establishment of non-violence and solidarity. So we would ask you today, Pope Francisco, to continue spreading the good news of peace in Colombia and help us to organize a national day of contrition in which all actors in the conflict -combatants and non-combatants – will offer true, recognize responsibilities and commit themselves to a NEVER AGAIN.

Through the intercession of the Virgin of Charity of Cobre (patroness of the Cuban people, NT) and the clean conduct of his revolutionary leadership which is inspired by freedom, the Cuban people will have to keep on building their dignified and sovereign society. In solidarity with the peoples of the world, they now offer, with absolute disposal, their altruistic management, including their territory, in order to achieve peace in Colombia. “He who sows love, will harvest love, and he who sows love, love will obtain”.

The presence of the missionary of mercy in this land of kind, deeply spiritual and caring people, encourages us to increase the hope for a better world, in which the bonds of friendship between peoples are strengthened, overcoming walls and blockades. Surely, Pope Francisco’s journey to the Caribbean Antilles and the Americas renewed faith, respect, mercy and reconciliation, and is a priceless gift and a huge motivation for the hearts of those who listen to your word longing for peace.

Peace Delegation of the FARC-EP