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  • The Ugandan sandwich commonly called “Rollex” is basically a chapati/nan rolled with eggs and tomatoes/veggie filling. The presentation makes it appealing to eat. Overall marks 5/10

  • This mediocre catering gives Uganda a bad name-the meat looks like it has already been eaten by the kitchen staff before served to you.. the potato chips look disgusting. The salads a joke! overall marks 2/10

  • Its good that the coffee bar culture is picking in Uganda

  • Why do market stall vendors sell food stuffs and don’t cover them…Yes, the carrot cakes look lovely. But they’re full of germs, etc.

  • Our first social media post: If you haven’t realised, the mainstream social media is no longer social but an exclusive dump of phoneys. That’s why we’ve decided to create our own social media.

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