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    Da best way 2 keep ur Relationship safe is silence 😷😷!! Dats why I always say dat he is da best in all ,no mata wat! 😍


    When you really love💗 someone age, distance , manners, weight ,hight are just numbers…,they all mean Nothing….


    These Lads will make any Ugandan Lass a Happy Girl…


    Naye mweyogeza mbu era Ebutambala_teva_mutto.  Am a proud butambalian hahah lol


    Life comes at us in waves. We cant predict or control those waves, but we can learn to surf
    (Lolo😍and Koko😍)


    Headmaster Yatugana okubela abakodo…


    Not Everyone who tells you that they Love you really do or really mean it, so breath,relax,calm down and don’t get Excited when u hear it. Focus If you have a partner who truly cares,Loves,respects and understands you Settle .Don’t get confused by different meaningless I love you , Beela kumulamwa don’t let the first boyfriend  confuse you just have fun!!


    Be Happy For This Moment, For This Moment is Your Life,For This Moment You Just Feel So Alive,👊
    We Only Live Once In A Life Time!!


    There’s Nothing More beautiful in this world than A Woman knowing hat she is Loved…Sweetest feeling it will keep her smiling even with no reason…Fall In Love with your partner everyday it keeps the skin good and glowing!


    Nothing Motivates a Woman More Than what she can’t Have.

Viewing 10 posts - 81 through 90 (of 106 total)

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