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    Where there is a will there will always be a way.


    Men do you know that It is so disrespectful to take off a lady’s pant without even knowing how much it costed her..



    1-Have trust,once you trust each other your love will move on smoothly.

    2-Be faithful to each other. once your faithful to one another your love will be admirable.

    3-Have time for your loved ones to show them how you really love them.

    4-Try to fulfil your promises.

    5-You should respect each other,once you have respect for one another your love will be special.

    6-Don’t expose your family matters to public. there’s no reason to why you expose them to public when you can solve them your self.

    7-Take your responsibilities as important thing.

    8-You should be well behaved and desciplined.

    9-Avoid rumours. not all rumours are true,try hard and find out the truth.

    10-Take GOD as the most important in your relationship everything will move on well as the way you want them.



    Banange crane bank etusuziza enjala atenga tulina ssentezafe,oba kati tukolekyi?


    Nomatter how sweet or enjoyable sex is,you can never ejaculate whilst smiling!!!


    A woman is like a swimming pool.Don’t bother finding out who swam before you, who is swimming with you,who will swim after you. Just enjoy swimming.


    If your girlfriend is always looking good but you know perfectly well that you haven’t contributed anything towards that,my brother you are no different from a security man guarding a bank.


    Witchcraft Is When You Always Put Her On Your WhatsApp Profile Pic…While Other Boys Are Putting Her On Their Beds.


    YOU saw him in a facebook group:

    •U check his Profile picture.
    •He Drives A Range Rover Sport 2016.
    .He is handsome.
    •He in boxed you.
    •You reply, all excited.
    •You’ll want 2 hook up.
    •You set a date.
    •You dress up that Legging With No underwear.
    •Smelling good.
    •You put on a make up – fresh breath and new weave.
    •He takes you 4 lunch @ Eka Hotel.
    •He Takes you for – Drinks At Java.
    •You two have a good time.
    •He rubs your hand,
    •Makes you laugh,
    •Gives you looks and smiles.
    •You stupidly fall in love.
    •It’s like you’ve known him Forever.
    •He takes you to his apartment.
    •He makes you feel comfortable and lays u on his bed.
    •Kiss you passionately.
    •You love his aggression, strength, power and you give in.
    •It feels good.
    •You know it’s wrong, but it feels good.
    •You ask for protection, he says it’s too late.
    •You obey and don’t disturb.
    •He says he loves you and you don’t hesitate to say you love him too. He hits it nice and slow
    •After, he goes to the kitchen to get a glass of water.
    •He helps you drink it, ooohh man.
    •You feel special.
    •”He must be the one” you think to yourself.
    •You get dressed.
    •He takes you to the taxi park.
    •He kisses you on the cheeks and says
    •”I had a great time,”
    •Gives You cash.
    •U smile and say.
    •”See you tomorrow babe.”
    • He stays silent.
    •Your taxi drives away,
    •In the taxi u can’t stop smiling.
    •You get home and inbox him that you got home safe.
    •He is online, but doesn’t reply.
    •It’s unlike him, so you inbox him again.
    •He doesn’t respond.
    •Minutes later you can’t find him on ur friend list.
    •Days, weeks, months passes by.
    •You start feeling sick, weak, loose weight, act strange with sores in your mouth.
    •You go to the clinic.
    •Get tested.
    •Minutes later,
    •Nurse walks in.”I’m sorry. You’re HIV Positive and Pregnant!”
    •”.HOW ?”
    •You don’t understand.
    •Reality hits you.
    •You walk home.
    •You go to the bus stop.
    •You lay, hopeless, emotionless.
    •You see death coming nearer.
    •You look into the sky & mumble a prayer.
    That’s the end of you.
    Don’t be that girl !Live well. Stop Chasing Material Things. Stop chasing SPONSORS!!
    Be A Girl You Want Your Daughter To Be!


    A Nigerian man calls his mother *Mom I’m HIV infected.
    Mom: chinekeeeeeeeee weeee, stay thereooooo,don’t come backooooo eiyiuiu.
    Son: why mom? I don’t have a place anywhere to go I’m coming back home.
    Mom: Nooooo my son oooooh, if you come here you will infect your wifeoooooooh ,then your wife will infect your brotherooooooh,then your brother will infect the maid ooooooh,then maid will infect your fatheroooooooh ,then your father will infect meooooooh, then l will infect the garden boyoooooooh, then the garden boy will infect your sisteroooooooh… If your sister is infected eiyiiii the whole village is finishooooooooooh… Stay there my sonoooooiooooh don’t come back until you dieoooooooooooh…..

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