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    Beti Kamya to Ban the Sell of Kabalagala in Kampala

    The Kenyan Citizen also also minister for Kampala, Beti Kamya, has started working out how she can stop the sell of Kabalagaal, the widely loved Ugandan pancakes.


    When someone has grown up seeing mostly poor people, he or she tends to think that every rich person is wise and intelligent. So, most Ugandans think Seya in that category!


    He is already in Uganda at the moment. Guess who? You’re very right….he thinks that he will get free pussy!


    English Big words should be abolished

    why do people use big English words? Really?

    This is the type of elitism killing Uganda when the learned abuse communication…..


    Let’s always not hide behind the curtains.
    Truth be told, this leadership is not pro-people.
    Imagine Isreal a desert country exports food.
    Uganda an endowed country is having its citizens die of hunger.
    What could be the problem.
    Government programmes directly affect productivity, if Mr. museveni is idealising fetching water on a bicycle for irrigation then we are doomed, we need a clear mind leader who can address these addressable problems using affordable technology at disposal not necessarily trying to win over masses by practising irrational programmes that get us no where.
    We need mechanised agricultural services that foster high levels of quality and quantity.


    NRM vice chairman for the Eastern Region, Capt. Michael Mukula, has been dragged to the Commercial Court for failure to pay over sh82m for the chopper he hired during the campaign period.

    Court documents indicate that on November 17th, 2015, Mukula through his flight company Sun Air Ltd hired a jet from Flex Air Charters at sh500,000 per flight hour.

    Flex Air Charters says as of March 2016, Mukula had accumulated arrears to the tune of sh82m which he has refused to pay to date despite repeated demands.

    The company now says it has suffered untold loss and has been inconvenienced by Mukula’s actions for the last eleven months hence seeking court redress to compel the former minister pay the said money with an interest at the current commercial rate.

    The court’s registrar Thaddeus Opesen has issued summons ordering Mukula to file his defence within 15 days

Viewing 6 posts - 101 through 106 (of 106 total)

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