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    The Uganda Paparazzi has arrived and it will  report on what in the paparazzi world is called, very important news. The work of any paparazzi is to do their job and not to please anyone. This section will dis-construct the Uganda society in the way we think is best and not the way moralist and conservatives think or want us to do our job.

    Uganda Paparazzi

    Janet Museveni enjoying the Uganda Tax payers money in a hotel Sauna

    However, our job is not to expose the sleazy world of politicians only, but also to promote interesting and normal Ugandans that never get any media coverage. Its true many beautiful Ugandans, are very desperate looking for away out, so they can be promoted. But the means to afford a promoter can be problematic. Don’t worry, we shall not by pass any beautiful, handsome, and funny Ugandans. Yes, we also have room for ugly and boring people too.



    Janet Museveni exposed

    We still wonder how janet Museveni has managed to keep her waragi cheeks up to this day. Whatever you do to the camera, those waragi cheeks(matama) never go away….


    Ugandans muzuukuke mu slumberland….mu 1968 obadde okimanyi tea boy or office yali afuna omusaana ogufunibwa kati bano graduates bannaleero?
    -1970 Mulago nga abqkungu jebatwala okujjanjabwa era ne miria Obote jeyali azaalira?
    -Obadde okimanyi Okello lutwa bweyali agenda yalekawo ennyonyi ennwanyi 40?
    -Oyinza okukkiriza nti Mbale kyekimu kubibuga ebyaliko mu 1968 mu east africa ebyogerwako obuyonjo?
    -Osobola okukkiriza nti Obote yaleka azimbye uganda house,National theatre,Parliament,state house!





    Doctors say that bathing or showering everyday is harmful to your bodies.
    the reason is that the soap remove natural oils from the skin leaving it dry which is not healthy or good to your body coz the skin needs to be oily everyday
    (When the skin is dry it creates cracks where germs can pass through to skin easily )
    The best way to clean your skin is soaking it in look warm water for 15or30minutes then after you smear.
    It’s better to wash your hands and clothes coz clothes wipe out dead cells on the body so no need to bath everyday if you are wearing washed clothes en always having clean hands from that you will not suffer from diseases.

    You can use hotwet towel with no soap to clean up yourself instead of bathing everyday
    Think about it


    disgusting antics at Sudhir’s daughter wedding. What was she doing up there? Is that our a mugole is supposed to be? And why would a respectable man such as Jim Muhwezi lower himself like this? Weddings shouldnt be like this at all in our country!

    And worse of all, Asians continue to ONLY marry among themselves. Dont want to marry black!

    It should be remembered that as Head of the Internal security organization in 1995, Jim Muhwezi arrested then Forex exchange Baron Sudhir Ruparelia at Entebbe Airport for trying to smuggle 1 million dollars out of the country. The Case was never pursued and the next year Sudhir applied and got a bank of Uganda license to start Crane Bank with Jim Muhwezi as his Business partner.
    Was this case dropped in exchange for the 10% shares or did Jim Muhwezi buy the shares?


    Stupid Answers for Stupid Questions

    1. Someone calls you at 2:am in the night and ask you “are you sleeping?”

    Ans: no, I’m picking beans.

    2. You’re making out with a girl then you start pulling her pants then she asks; what are you trying to do?

    Ans: I want to wash them for you

    3. They see you coming out of the bathroom, wet; ”did you just have a bath?”

    Ans: no, I fell into the toilet bowl

    4. You standing right in front of the elevator on the ground floor going to your office, yet they ask;
    ”going up?”

    Ans: no, I’m waiting for my office to come down and meet me!

    5. Your boyfriend comes home with a bunch of flowers and you still asks him; ”are those flowers?”

    Ans: no baby, they’re carrots!

    6. You’re in the queue at the cinema to buy tickets, a friend see’s you and ask; ”what are you
    doing here?”

    Ans: I’m here to pay my school fees!

    7. When people see you lying down with your eyes closed, they still ask; ”are you sleeping?”

    Ans: No! I’m practising to die.

    8. You went to a restaurant n the waiter asks you: ”Plz can I get you a table?”

    Ans: No. I’m here to eat on the floor.


    No Comment!


    God has this tendency of taking “nobodies” and making them “somebodies” without consulting anybody.


    The man who marries a beautiful woman, and the farmer who grows corn by the roadside have the same problem…

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