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    An American teacher heard of that Ugandans answer a question with a question,so i decided to fly to Uganda
    At Entebbe International Airport he found a watch man
    Teacher: I heard that in Uganda that you answer a question with a question,is it true?
    Watch man:Who told you that nonsense?


    At least if this was the seasonal tourism boosting in Uganda. Remember, they are only in Uganda.

    Banange ba friends baange mwena mugurile essenene naburi akwata olwe masaka bakubila omulanga nti obulamu bwange buri matiga singa temugurila ssenene Doctor bweyategeza mikwano abanumilwa mugule ssenene magu thanks very much a very one God bless them.

    If u like grasshoppers find me in kabundeire market , a plastic cup 2000 ugx and a small one is 1000ugx . NB
    I welcome all customers apart from Yoweri museveni coz I don’t want my business to collapse like Uganda economy has done.


    After 30 years in Power, this’s how Kampala the capital of Uganda looks under dictator Yoweri Museveni.


    NRM has supporters!!! You see someone nga he/she has never contributed even a single sensible point in their family meetings, but you find him/her opening the mouth mbu to comment on a pertinent developmental issue of our Uganda. Not Even A wheel barrow tyre has crossed your compound in your clan and family,Olugoye oyambala lumu nga nkoffu, emeere olya kimu when you eat lunch nga awo supper ojja kunywa Buugi, and you are here shouting Prosperity for All,Mzee Abewo,Such people are the worst enemies of this Country than Museveni himself……Nze olumu I will slap someone for airing out nonsense.
    Wama Fellow Country men don’t give up the struggle, the Dictator is loosing the grip.


    It has come to our notice as the people of Uganda that Besigye is trying all his best to be an attention seeker. Besigye is a man who only fights around the cameras.On 31st October and other past days we realized that Besigye tried as much as he could to get a bulletin and be all over the place. But Bambi the people are tired of all this. Please Besigye Stop ✋ I don’t want to think that you still a high school graduate who always wants to be seen.” I hear the struggle continues” BTW you can be a good actor. He even went an extra mile of holding a demonstration at his home because the news wasn’t on him.



    Uganda has the worst & Un-developmental president in the all of Africa. This old man of 85 yrs can spend 20billions in bribing MPS to vote for the stupid  Jacob- oulanya for vice speaker ship but can not spend 2billions to pay MUK lecturers. The best his mind told him was to close it not thinking of our parent’s tuition they had already paid. I wonder where this country is heading with such imbecile people in this country.
    Those that go against M7, he calls them indiscipline people but those that steal public funds he bails them out
    When MP Muhammad nsereko said no to corruption they termed him rebel mp. Yet being indpendet minded is also democracy.

    As they say, the FAT lady has not sang yet but she is preparing to do so. Where is Kasule Lumumba? She is about to come out to the microphone and sing Goodbye Museveni. That is a one big woman, hakuna muchezo.

    We all know that the government of dictator M7 is broke, no money. Makerere lecturers are saying Show Us The Money and soon the rest of civil servants will join them. Museveni is in a fix now and can do anything to hold onto power. The latest is mind boggling. Dictator Jarukanga Museveni has forgiven all tourist destined to Uganda not to pay any form of taxes…..What? Yes if you’re a tourist you do not have to pay taxes or visa. This is what pisses off Ugandans. The citizens never get any tax breaks but foreigners always get their taxes waived. If you are a foreign investor, you do not have to pay any taxes on what you bring to sell into Uganda for a whopping year. Everything you import inside Uganda is tax free for a whole year, but let a citizen from Katwe dare bring commodities inside Uganda and Museveni says, “HAKUNA MUCHEZO” you must pay up or else your goods become Museveni’s properties. Remember Kahinda Otafiire imported sugar from India and out right refused to pay taxes? How about that murderer called Desh? He imports luxury cars and pays no tax.

    Museveni can afford to pay each MP UGS150 millions, can afford to pay BoU governor UGS200 billions to buy a land but cannot pay lecturers, cannot pay UPDF etc. Foreigners will always take care of fellow foreigners and M7 himself being a foreigner, he has a soft place in his heart for the foreigners.

    Lastly, I said that “HERDSMAN” are not better politicians….and I accidentally opened a pandora’s box. Accusations of me being a mother of all tribalist people, started flying. As I understand, any person can be a herdsman regardless of his or her tribe. Just as I would say, Farmers are not better politicians. Museveni himself said he is a herdsman and we have seen how he has governed this country. Was I, therefore being tribalist for saying that herdsmen cannot governor? I base this theory on history because no other herdsman has ruled Uganda but Museveni.

    We should stop being so sensitive about tribes when it comes to matters of our nation.



    BORN AGAIN CHURCHES must be taxed.

    No need to tax mosques, catholic and church of Uganda.
    Born again churches should be taxed highly.
    They are into business, they are conmen, they promote religious hatred, they waste people’s time, they make noise, they have broken people’s marriages, they have increased prostitution and fornication, they have promoted adultery, they miss lead people. They have led to increased number of idlers. How can a youth work when a pastor is saying that ( “I see God giving you a ferrari and gladiator house this year”)



    Daughter : Mom are you ok?
    Mom : Yes hunny am ok *smiles*
    Daughter : But you dont look ok mom…!
    Mom : Sweetheart i have to tell you a secret…
    Daughter : What secret mom?
    Mom : I left something for you at home in my
    drawer,its in a brown envelope.
    Daughter : Is it money mom?
    Mom : Just look for it when you get home.now i
    need to rest.
    Daughter : why mom?…whats wrong?
    Mom : Nothing dear…mommy is gona be okay.
    Daughter : Promise me mom?
    Mom : Mommy loves you okay!
    Daughter : Love you more mom.
    And that was mommy’s last words to her
    daughter,she died and may her soul rest in peace.
    And when the daughter got home,she went straight
    to mommy’s room,and search her drawer for the
    brown envelope…and thanks god she found it.it was
    a letter written by mom.
    LETTER :
    Dear baby,i know life aint gona be the same
    without me,and things will be tough,but i just want
    you to know that mommy loves you and will always
    love you.
    I did what i did to protect you,i had to transplant
    my heart to you so that you survive,i know i
    shuldve told you…but i just couldnt coz i knew it
    was gona break your heart.
    Take care of yourself darling,i will always be there
    with you.in your heart.
    Yours : Mommy
    And the girl cried tears out!!…so touching isnt it?
    We all need moms in our lives,because a mommy would
    do anything for her child just because she is the
    best,my hero!!

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